Giant Riches from Amatic Slot Review

Are you looking for the best free spins no deposit UK? We list them all. Step into a fabulous host in the castle Giant Riches! This is a smoking new slot (if you read this review in June 2017) from the game maker 2by2 who distributes their games via Microgaming.

The game is based on the famous fairy tale of Jack and the Beast, and if you've played NetEnt's famous Jack and the Beanstalk, you know what we're talking about. In fact, here we have a giant yes, a bean jerk that makes it possible for the brave Jack to get up all over the clouds. There the giants live and that is where the excitement begins!

Theme and Graphics

Find a complete list over the best UK live casinos here. Gaining a Giant Riches bonus is fortunately nothing hard. You'll find one at the casinos that offers Giant Riches. Once you have taken home such a bonus, just start playing the Giant Riches slot and enjoy the game time. Why do we recommend to play with casino bonuses? Well, for the simple reason, you simply get more money for that money.

Gameplay and Symbols

As you will notice, Giant Riches looks a little different to what a traditional castle does, with 5 x 3 wheels and rows. Here we have 5 wheels and 6 rows instead. However, this is nothing that makes Giant Riches harder or more complicated, we simply got the honor to get a few more rows. 

Mobile Slot

It's great to play Giant Riches on your mobile or tablet! iPhone, iPad or Android does not matter!

Betting Options and Payout

This obviously means that more symbols are on the playing field and in addition, a few different symbols may appear as stacked. The symbols that can appear as stacked are: Jack, Giant, Penguin, Swan, Harpan and Beans in the Earth. These symbols can stack on all wheels, but only on wheels 1 and 2 as they can get really long, up to 6 lines high! On other wheels they can only be 3 lines high.

Slot Review

Giant Riches is a nice castle but it will not be the highest rating from us unfortunately. The theme feels, first of all, not great, this has been seen before. We also think that there is no information available in the game instructions, including the stacked symbols. Certainly, is it nice that the symbols can stack, but give it some extra profit? It should have been written with us!

The graphics are definitely not bad, but it could have been better, actually. Now, this is actually the first game from 2by2 we're in, but we're definitely going to take a closer look at this game manufacturer! The probability is that we will be more impressed by another game!