Winter Berries from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

We have a complete list over all the best online casinos. Trying to be as innovative as possible in the industry in developing united bandits, or slots as they are also called, is more or less a must. Or in any case, it's your aim, and there are constantly developing new slot machines that you hope to get into the market and become a new popular favorite. Yggdrasil Gaming is a relatively young game development company in the industry and recently released the colorful and fresh slot machine Winterberries.

Theme and Graphics

Find a complete list over UK casino bonuses here. The game is based on symbols with the Nordic berries in focus in a sparkling landscape of cooling ice with a glorious northern light on the sky. Making Winterberries a hit is not that hard to imagine considering that the graphics and the game as a whole are something new and extremely well-designed to ensure giving the players the very best gaming experience.


You can say that a slot machine with symbols such as lingon, sea towers, deer and blueberries is different from the usual grapes, melons or the like that spin on many slot machines. And it's always nice when you see that you have spent time on a game and tried to do it as well as possible and you can certainly say that about Winterberries.

Gameplay and Symbols

If you have played on united bandits earlier, you probably are used to symbols that are wild and scatters. In Winterberries, however, these symbols have been completely abandoned. But that does not mean there is no chance of winning big or that there are no other special features! In Winterberries, instead, you have chosen to let the player win by having at least three symbols in a row. Then your berries will be frozen to ice and therefore stay when you get a free spin. Should you receive another three symbols in a row during this free spin, they will also cool down and freeze.


Each time you get a reel full of identical symbols, your winnings will be rewarded with a multiplier. This can land either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. If you are really lucky this means that you can actually get your entire game plan to show similar symbols. Not bad, right? Should you no longer receive more like symbols during your free spin, you will receive your pay paid based on the symbols you managed to enter. In other words, there are quite a few reasons to play Winterberries, although the wild symbol and scatter symbol are missing.

Mobile Slot

This slot is a modern one and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android and you don’t have to download a complicated app in order to play this slot machine.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 25 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Winterberries has a jackpot of 500 and the average RTP is 96,75% which is quite high. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot at different online casinos.

Slot Review

If you like trying new slot machines and are surprised by nice features not to mention a very beautiful graphic with the typical Nordic berries, you've really found home with Yggdrasil Gaming's new slot, Winterberries! And if you like Winterberries you can keep an eye on more new slot machines from the game company, because they learn to come. But until then you will definitely give Winterberries a spin or two.