Wicked Circus from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

We list all the best free spins no wagering requirements offers at our site. The video slot Wicker Circus is developed by Yggdrasil and is part of their Jokerize series. Again, familiarize yourself with its mystery wins and Jokerize play mode. With the addition of a team feature that can really boost your winnings. Welcome to Circus Yggdrasil!

Theme and Graphics

Are you looking for the best online casino sites? We list them all. As soon as you click the game, you see that the playing field is set on a stage and of course the theme is Circus! Yggdrasil's designer has done a fantastic job with the development of Wicked Circus, when it presents a magnificent graphic experience.


The symbols used mainly follow classic castle tradition and come in the form of cherries, grapes, bells, lemons and 7ths, among other things. However, there is a special symbol; Joker. There is no wild symbol in Wicked Circus, but the aim is rather to collect the right amount of Jokers in order to get a Mystery win. More about this feature is available if you continue to read.

Gameplay and Symbols

Yggdrasil has chosen to give Wicked Circus a standard 5 x 3 game plan with 5 paylines, but when it comes to both left and right, it gives a total of 10 pay lines. Reach the unique Jokerize game mode, which is a kind of Four Joker bonus, and increase your chances of winning.


The special in the Jokerize series is its unique Jokerize mode. After each win, you win a number of spin in this position, one line win gives a spin, two line wins yield 2 spin and so on. You can see the number of spins in the bottom of the game plan. All Wicked Circus wins in this game mode are collected in a pool, which you can choose to pick up and your account is credited, or you can spend 20 coins per spin and continue playing within the Jokerize mode.


The advantage here is that it is easier to win in this mode than at the base game. The Jokerize mode is deactivated if you choose to pick up your coins or when the coin expires. With mysterious winnings, there is no Wicked Circus Free Spins function in our view. Do you agree?


There is no free-spin mode in Wicked Circus. But the game has another fun feature, and that's its Mystery win. Within the Jokerized mode, only two jokers need to get there, while in the bass game it requires 3. Within this mode you have the chance to win up to 6000 coins! A new addition to Wicked Circus compared to the previous games in the same series is that Yggdrasil has now introduced a team feature. That means you can hold the jokers firmly at their place, at a cost of 60 coins per spin, and greatly increase your chances of winning.

Mobile Slot

Thanks to iSENSE 2.0, Wicked Circus mobile is customized, just like all other Yggdrasil games are. You can play on Wicked Circus on your mobile and your tablet with the same amazing graphics and sounds as you play on your computer, as the game is optimized for mobile games. Of course, the game is compatible for both iOS and Android. Yggdrasil itself recommends Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer when selecting web browsers.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 5 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Wicked Circus has a jackpot of 300 and the average RTP is 96,3% which is quite high. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot at different online casinos.

Slot Review

Wicked Circus has been developed by Yggdrasil's amazingly talented developers. The company was founded in 2013 and may still be considered a young company, but they have achieved incredible success with their first-rate games. Their goal is to offer games with advanced features and given that their games can be found at most of the major online casinos, we can assume they have achieved their goals.


We recommend that you play Wicked Circus as soon as you can, if you have not already. It is a very entertaining game with unique features. In the list below you will find a number of casinos offering Wicked Circus in their game range.