The Dark Joker Rizes from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

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Theme and Graphics

The Dark Joker Rikes is really a slot where you can instantly see who it's that created it. Yggdrasil Gaming has become famous for making games with a slightly darker dispute and The Dark Joker Rizes is no exception. Actually, this is a classic slot with classic symbols, but as soon as you look at the symbols, you see that there are no common and innocent symbols. If you like classic single bandits but think it may be a little colorful and cute sometimes, maybe the Dark Joker Rizes might be just perfect for you. We offer comprehensive guides on many different new casino sites.

Gameplay and Symbols

The Dark Joker Rizes is a dark and exciting slot that invites you to a lot of nervous moments. The graphics in The Dark Joker Rizes are absolutely blameless and just as we mentioned in the introduction, this is a perfect complement to all colorful and easy-to-use slot machines.


Mystery Win

In The Dark Joker Rizes there is something called Mystery Win and to achieve this you need to get at least three or more jokers somewhere on the playing field of the base game.


3 jokers = a gain of 1,000 to 6,000 coins.

4 jokers = a gain of 3,000 to 6,000 coins.

5 jokers = a guaranteed win of 6,000 coins.


Jokerizer Mode:

Each time you win in The Dark Joker Rizes you get the chance to play in "Jokerizer Mode". This is the game's only really special feature and it offers a lot of extra excitement and significantly better winning chances than in the basic game. Here you can choose if you want to withdraw your winnings or play in Jokerizer Mode for at least 20 coins per spin. In this mode you only need to get up two jokers to get a mystery win that will give you 20 to 6,000 coins.

Mobile Slot

The Dark Joker Rizes works perfectly in both mobiles and tablets. Is it something that Yggdrasil has gone all in, it's up to their games in mobile versions. This allows us to play The Dark Joker Rizes completely smoothly in both iPhones and iPads and on Android phones.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 10 pay lines which is standard for video slots. The Dark Joker Rizes has a jackpot of 300 and the average RTP is 96,3% which is quite high. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot at different online casinos.

Slot Review

The Dark Joker Rizes is a game without a lot of advanced features but still able to offer two very interesting features. Is it something that Yggdrasil is good at, it's getting simple games yet giving them a little extra spice that makes the game not get boring or just one in the crowd. With its gorgeous graphics, moody background music and the chance to win mystically, The Dark Joker Rizes is anything but a game that you just play and lay behind. At least it is impressive that Yggdrasil can remove both the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, yet make an entertaining game.