Updated: September 12, 2019

Pumpkin Smash from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

Pumpkin Smash is a new video slot game from Yggdrasil. Loosely based on the day of the dead festival in South America when people all gather to honour their dead. It is being released just in time to help you soon enjoy Halloween. With a wide variety of game features and beautiful graphics, Pumpkin Smash will get you in the mood of the holiday season instantly.

With a minimum wagering of $0.10 and maximum wagering of $100, it manages to encompass every single player, from punters on a modest budget to players who want to really push the boat out. With a substantial maximum payout of $36,000 you really can win big with Pumpkin smash.

The RTP of 96% means that you have a high chance of taking home a grand prize. Check out our in-depth review below to learn more about Pumpkin Smash and its features or visit CasinoMir.com to play for yourself.

Slot Information

Name Pumpkin Smash
Software Yggdrasil Gaming
Slot Type Video Slot

Game Information

Autoplay No
Bonus Game No
Free Spins No
Multiplier No
Progressive No
Scatter Symbol No
Wild Symbol No

Pumpkin Smash Theme and Background

The visuals in Pumpkin Smash are fantastic, colourful and vibrant. With gorgeous cartoon style symbols that are full of colour, you ‘won’t get tired of looking at the screen any time soon. The animations all have a beautiful flow to them that looks completely natural. The sounds add an eerie atmosphere to the game, setting the perfect graveyard scene.

Pumpkin Smash’s background shows a traditional South American cemetery. Existing in the twilight hours when the day of the dead festival really kicks in. The whole air of the game will have you chilling and spinning at the same time.

Pumpkin Smash Gameplay

Pumpkin Smash has many features to help you to enjoy your gaming experience. With fantastic winning combinations that allow you to grab great winnings. Some basic symbols move up quickly to the special skull and pumpkin symbols that pay out a lot more.

‘It’s not just the base game that has so much to offer though, there are great extra features in Pumpkin Smash that will keep you engaged for hours. As with most slot games, there are wild symbols that will replace any symbol on the reels except for the scatter symbol.

There are also scatter symbols that work to unlock the bonus features. The first great bonus feature that the game has to offer is the Pumpkin Smash bonus game.

Pumpkin Smash Bonus Game

The Pumpkin Smash bonus game ‘doesn’t have the most imaginative of names considering it is just repeating the name of the main game, but that ‘doesn’t mean that what is on offer ‘isn’t impressive.

The Pumpkin Smash bonus game is a relatively simple idea that is executed to absolute perfection. When you manage to land between 2 and 5 bonus symbols in the main game, then you are given the same number of pumpkins to smash.

Smashing the pumpkins is incredibly satisfying, but nowhere near as satisfying as the cavalcade of prizes that can come your way.

Each Pumpkin you smash gives you between 2 and 10 prizes. Those prizes can range from cash to free spins, and the free spins are where the next feature kicks in.

Pumpkin Smash Free Spins

The free spins are always a great feature. ‘There’s nothing better than watching the reels spin without it costing you a penny and the winnings adding up. Things are a little different when you gain free spins in Pumpkin Smash though.

When you have managed to earn free spins, the free spins play by the same rules as the base game, except you only need to get 1 bonus symbol to trigger the Pumpkin Smash bonus game.

This means that it is a lot easier to re-trigger the free spins and cash prizes. The features included in this game offer a small amount of variety, but the potential rewards on offer make up for that.

Pumpkin Smash Payout and Wagering Limits

The maximum wager on Pumpkin Smash is $100, which means that it has a high potential for players who want to go all out to win big. ‘It’s not just geared towards the big players though, the minimum wagering of $0.10 means that casual players can get involved too, although with a bet of half a cent per line it means that your winnings ‘won’t be huge.

The payouts on offer in Pumpkin Smash are excellent. With a maximum potential win of $36,000 you really can win big on this game, ‘it’s one of the best payouts on a game that has such a reasonable maximum wager and no progressive jackpot.

With a high RTP of 96.2%, Pumpkin Smash really does offer you the opportunity to earn huge winnings.


  • The maximum win on Pumpkin Smash is excellent.
  • The free spins feature makes it easier to enter the Pumpkin smash bonus feature.
  • The Pumpkin Smash bonus has a good hit frequency – it is easy to trigger it from the base game.


  • The free spins can only be triggered by entering the Pumpkin smash bonus feature
  • The bonus round ‘doesn’t offer a large amount of variety.
  • There is no stop button for the spins, and the reels can sometimes spin for a very long time.

Pumpkin Smash Summary

Pumpkin Smash is a fantastic looking game available on many of the best casino sites in the United Kingdom. The animations and graphical quality work together well to give you an absolutely great visual experience. The sounds are authentic South American music floating across the background and they really add to the atmosphere of the game.

While the variety on offer in the game is high, the potential rewards that the game gives you far outweigh this. Overall, Pumpkin Smash has a lot going for it, but due to the lack of variety it ‘doesn’t have quite enough to keep you playing for long periods.