Legend of the Golden Monkey from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

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Theme and Graphics

Wow! It's the first words that you spontaneously want to express when you've been spinning a few times: Legend of the Golden Monkey from Yggdrasil - an exciting slot that takes you on at least a speedy adventure. Are you looking for the best free spins no deposit UK? We list them all.

In the Legend of the Golden Monkey we are most likely to find somewhere in Japan and an action-packed treasure hunt together with - a monkey! Here are a lot of different features, and along with the very atmospheric background music and the very well-planned sound effects, this is a game that you do not want to stop playing at first.

Gameplay and Symbols

Yggdrasil really delivers games after game and it's very hard to be disappointed with them. Monkey King is absolutely no exception, it's neat and well-made and entertaining. In Monkey King, it's not quite untouched a little monkey it's about. This is not a bad monkey trying to steal your taxes, on the contrary!


You are together to find the taxes. In addition, it's a very generous little monkey, because when you least expect it to appear on screen and help you win! Certainly a friend you want to keep! Legend of the Golden Monkey slot has 5 reels, 3 lines and no paylines at all. Instead, you can work in "Legend of the Golden Monkey" in all ways. See the picture below which gives a good explanation of how it works.

Mobile Slot

Is it something Yggdrasil is good at, besides doing awesome games it's making the games available in mobiles and tablets. Yes! You can play Legend of the Golden Monkey in both iPhones and iPads and on Android phones. Are you looking for the best mobile casinos UK? We list them all.

Smooth and easy if you're on the go and can not sleep with your computer. All that is required is a fully charged battery, internet access, and your casino has a working mobile casino. Yes, the casino has to offer games from Yggdrasil as well!

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 25 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Legend of the Golden Monkey has a jackpot of 250 and the average RTP is 96% which is quite normal. You can get a lot of free spins at this slot at different online casinos.

Slot Review

Wow, again! Legend of the Golden Monkey is really a game that delivers, cleverly but true. This is a very nice game and the highest score actually gets the music and the sound effects! This is something difficult to succeed, it's about finding a balance. For swinging and hoping, it may be difficult for the player, but at the same time it should be music that makes one want to hang out and spin.


The only thing we feel we miss and which we really miss in several of Yggdrasil's games - but which is a trifle in the context and that does not affect the game's rating - is a small movie or an intro. One such thing had meant that you had a little background and understanding of the monkey and the theme themselves a little more. But, as said, this is not necessary for a castle to be good. But that would have been a fun plus!