Fruitoids from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

To explain the little funny name, you can divide it into two parts. To begin with, we have "fruit" which, of course, is English and means fruit. The latter part of the title "oid" is a so-called suffix and comes from the Greek eidos.

The meaning is "similar" and Fruitoids means something fruitful. Just like for example, Android means something human-like. Yggdrasil always impress us with innovative themes and great game-play.

Theme and Graphics

There is a constant stream of launches of new fun and boring slots from different suppliers. A great Swedish provider is Yggdrasil and they always create high quality games. This is an innovative slot with exciting game play from Yggdrasil.

Here you will enjoy a colorful game of high quality in terms of both graphics and sound effects. Additionally, there are also special features that further enhances the gaming experience. If you have played any of Yggdrasil's previous creations such as Robotnik or Winterberries, you may also recognize yourself in Fruitoids.

Gameplay and Symbols

The symbols of Fruitoids are similar to no fruits you have ever seen before, but they are colorful and interesting in their design and the colors harmonize with each other. One can say that they are a delight to the eye. And just as the graphics give peace, you have chosen appropriate sounds for the game for a nice game feel.


Most of Yggdrasil's slots are built in a classic way, and it is also Fruitoids. Here you play with five reels, three lines and 25 pay lines. It is up to you to decide how many input lines you want to play with. But it's not just that. You also decide which coin value you want to play with. So you have the opportunity to play for your own game budget. So this slot machine fits the vast majority of the budget.


Usually there are some special symbols such as a wild symbol and a scatter symbol in slots but Fruitoids are an exception. There are no such symbols here, and you cannot get home any free spins. You can say calmly that Fruitoids is a very pure slot machine. But despite the lack of a variety of special features, there are nevertheless two features worth mentioning.

The first is the re-spins function and is called here for "freeze respin". This feature works as if you win with at least three symbols, the winning symbols will be frozen where they landed while the reels spin again. Should the previous winning combination of symbols be built, the re-spins feature will continue.

Mobile Slot

This video slot is a modern one and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile phone or an iPad. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone and you don’t have to download a complicated app in order to play this online slot machine.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 25 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Fruitoids has a jackpot of 500 and the average RTP is 96,7% which is quite high if we compare with other slots. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot at different online casinos.

Slot Review

Fruitoids offers an innovative theme that is unlike anything else that you have ever played. You'll see fruit-like things that could be picked directly from outer space. But they are not scary but only colorful and almost beautiful in an odd way. With the superb design, Fruitoids is well worth trying for all casino players.