Chibeasties 2 from Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Review

If you want to play Chibeasties 2 with free spins, we recommend checking around the various casinos and looking for someone offering exclusive free spins on just Chibeasties 2.

If not, check out your casino's customer service where you want to play Chibeasties 2. Ask if they simply have some Chibeasties 2 free spins to play with! Who knows, they may be extra generous ang give them to you!

Theme and Graphics

In Chibeasties 2 we once again get into the magically beautiful forest that Yggdrasil has created and where we meet the little beautiful creatures once more. The game offers four different exciting worlds with different unique wild features.

As a player you can also expect to win loads of free spins! Here in our review you can read more about Chibeasties 2 and how to play this charming slot machine in the best possible way!

Gameplay and Symbols

In Chibeasties 2 we get into a magically beautiful world where a few aliens live. They are all super cute and if you have not met them with the first game "Chibeasties" you will get a new chance that you can not miss!

A charming thing about Chibeasties 2 is that, as a player, we are invited to offer a nice and beautiful little introductory movie before the game starts. Chibeasties 2 inverses the player in four different worlds where different rules apply! Let's take a closer look at these worlds:


Expanding Realm

In this world, wild symbols can expand to cover the entire reel.


Spreading Realm

Here one to four extra wilds are created in random directions. They cannot be added to existing wild symbols or on free spins symbols.


Teleporting Realm

Here the wild symbols change position with other symbols to create the best possible winning chance for you.


Mirroring Realm

Here, copies of the wild symbol are created, up to two times per time!


During the free spins mode, there may also be a so-called "Wild Mutation". This means that if you have a wild present on the reels, the wild symbol can be transformed into another wild symbol with other features. This will only be done after it has given you its current function! This mutation can occur on any free hit as long as there is a single wild symbol visible. We'll go into more of these different features under "How to play Chibeasties 2".

Mobile Slot

Without any doubt, you can play Chibeasties 2 in your mobile and tablet. iPhone, iPad or Android does not matter! You can usually take for granted that you can play new games in smaller formats because it is more or less impossible to make games today and then not offer them on the phone! We are simply becoming more mobilized in the world!

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 20 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Chibeasties 2 has a jackpot of 250 and the average RTP is 96,2% which is quite normal if we compare with others. You can almost always get a lot of free-spins at this slot at different online casinos.

Slot Review

We really love Chibeasties 2! We liked and like the original game very much, but Chibeasties 2 is almost better. We know, among other things, that there are different worlds with different features, from Yggdrasil's "Seasons" slot - another game that we fell in love with at first glance. All in all, we would really like to recommend this slot to all of our casino players. Good luck!