Updated: February 2, 2021

Rival Gaming Software Review

Rival Gaming is one of the more popular online game developers thanks to their innovative and entertaining games. The main focus of their games are slots, of which the company has more than 150. However, it's the immersive i-Slots that are truly the pièce de résistance of this company. On top of this, each of their games is completely unique, with a range of quality storylines as well as a variety of in-game bonus features, stunning visuals and the chance for some massive payouts. These features combine to make Rival Gaming one to watch.

Rival Gaming doesn't only provide slots though. They also offer up a variety of speciality games, video poker and table games, each with their own version of a jackpot attached. In some cases, these games are actually better developed than their slots, although the i-Slots still do bring a little something extra in terms of innovation. Some of their top games include the likes of Diamonds Down Under, Scary Rich and Reel Crime. These all feature some of those integrated storylines, keeping players interested and playing for that little bit longer.

About Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is a Canadian company that was founded back in 2006. Alongside the innovative slots it produces, Rival Gaming also stands out as being one of the few providers whose games are actually available to players from America. While there is a lot of innovation in their work, unfortunately, many of these games have been developed on a budget, and it shows. While the i-Slots are exciting in theory, many just don’t hold up, with the virtual table games often being a lot more realised when it comes to actual gameplay.

That being said, if players are able to find a game they enjoy, then Rival Gaming games are a whole lot of fun. There are a number of standouts across a range of different game genres, each with some great potential payouts. The i-Slots, though, are the most fun, enabling players to enjoy an unfolding story. What this entails is that players can unlock additional screens, bonuses and symbols the longer they stick with a game. It’s even possible to halt play for the day and come back to the same point a few days later.

Top Rival Gaming Games

• Fantastic Fruit Machine (2013)

• Wrath of Medusa (2020)

• Popping Pinatas (2019)

• Winsanity (2019)

Thanks to the i-Slots feature, there are a number of top games available from Rival Gaming. One of the most popular is also one of their oldest – Fantastic Fruit Machine. This game offers players a decent RTP of 94.77% alongside a relatively decent max win of 4000x the original stake. It’s also a very classically-orientated slot, offering just a 3×3 grid with simple symbols all following the classic fruit machine theme of fruit, bars and numbers. Despite this simplicity, it’s nevertheless an exciting and popular option, even after all this time.

In direct contrast to Fantastic Fruit Machine is Wrath of Medusa. One of the newest Rival Gaming products, this one is all about immersing the player into the realms of Greek mythology. This is one of the better i-Slot immersive games from the company and gets the player to join in with venturing into Medusa’s lair in the hope of getting their hands on the treasure. Top-level graphics and soundtrack are coupled with a 5×3 grid, 20 ways to win and a ton of in-game bonuses designed to help players along.

Mobile Gaming

With being around so long, it will come as no surprise to find that Rival Gaming offers most of their slots in mobile format. Not all games are though. Some of the older ones still use Flash technology, which makes them incompatible with some phones and devices. However, most of the recent games all use HTML5 software technology, which means they’re easily accessed and played on any mobile platform, be it a mobile phone or a tablet. Nothing is lost in the transition to the smaller screen either, so players can enjoy the immersive nature of the i-Slots easily.

For those games that are mobile optimised, players will be able to enjoy playing them on any mobile device, be it an Android or iOS device. The games are fully scalable too, which means that players will be able to use them in landscape format on a variety of screen sizes. No features are lost, but some are combined into single buttons in order to ensure that there is not too much clutter on the screen and that players can actually just enjoy the game they are trying to play.

Rival Gaming Casinos not on Gamstop

Surprisingly, despite being a relatively small gaming company, there are a number of casinos not on Gamstop offering Rival Gaming products. At this time, there are now about 30 casinos around the world offering their games. Most of these are third party operators with the correct licencing to offer these games. However, there are a few sites operating on behalf of Rival Gaming itself, with the company gaining part of the profits. Unfortunately, some of these sites have restrictive rules and have banned players after a win. As a result, we do not recommend those sites.

Free Rival Gaming Games

Casinos that offer Rival Gaming games do also offer them for free. In some cases, players can simply visit the casino and check out the games in demo mode. This means that players do not have to make a deposit but can click on the demo option to enjoy playing the game with virtual cash to see the gameplay. Some casinos do require players to sign up for an account first though if they want to access the games in this manner. Players can also test the games for free directly on the provider’s website.

Summary of Rival Gaming

While Rival Gaming does have a lot of innovative ideas, many of their games are yet to be executed to the highest quality level. That being said, they do offer a variety of rather good virtual table games and video poker options. Players do need to be aware of where they play Rival Gaming games though. There are a number of top-level casinos that provide their games alongside other providers. However, players will need to be aware that smaller sites may be more fraudulent in the way they interact with players.