Treasure Island from Quickspin Slot Review

We list all the best free spins deals at our site! Treasure Island is set on a beautiful exotic island surrounded by turquoise blue waters where lots of treasures hide nice winnings such as cash, free spins and bonuses. In order for these to land in your hands, it is common for the symbols - such as maps, coffins and pirates - to hit any of the 40 pay lines framed on five reels with four lines. In addition to the regular symbols, there are also special symbols in the form of scatter symbols and stacked wilds, which represent all symbols on the wheels except the scat and the barrel.

Theme and Graphics

Find a complete list over online casino real money no deposit here. Are you an adventurous person who does not fear new challenges? Then you should not hesitate to grab a Quickspin slot machine Treasure Island, where lots of nice treats await the jungle of the mysterious paradise island. There is always full activity and your mission is to find out the missing coffins, while sudden pirate attacks trigger extra wilds on the wheels.


And of course you can also look forward to a lot of free spins with no less than three awesome special features that contribute to even higher profits! Yes, as you understand, there are a lot of rewards to get used to in this entertaining game and just curious about even more details about winning you are more than welcome to continue reading the remaining rows of our full-featured review. Come along!

Gameplay and Symbols

After spinning three scatter symbols in the Treasure Island slot, which is characterized by a compass, you can choose one of the three scatter symbols to reveal the reward to the bonus round. Behind each symbol is a unique feature in the form of free spins, hunter bonus or a direct win:


Free Spins:

If the scatter symbol you choose appears to contain free circles, you will enter The Island Hop Bonus for your first spin. This sequence determines both the number of free spins and any type of special wild that will appear on the playing field during the free spins feature. Wild symbols offer locked, stacked or extra wilds that make it easier for your winning combinations.


Treasure Hunt:

When this bonus round is activated you will be on a treasure hunt! On a map of five excellent places there are two spades available to dig up an unknown coin win. In addition to the five places, there is a treasure that takes you straight to Ben Gunn's cave where you can choose one of three coffins for an extra big reward.


Instant Profit:

One of the scatter symbols contains only an unknown coin win without the opportunity to end up in either Free Spins or Treasure Hunt Bonus. After receiving your winnings, you will immediately return to the main game.


Treasure Island Pirate Attack:

Do not be surprised if the treasure trove island is occasionally subjected to offensive pirate attacks, especially when at least two wild symbols with a barrel appear after a spin. Then there's a ship filled with pirates to relieve two or more guns to the playing field to create extra wild symbols on the reels. If the cannon ball hits the barrel it will explode and add even more wilds to the reels!

Mobile Slot

This slot is a modern one and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an android and you don’t have to download a complicated application in order to play this game.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 40 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Treasure Island has a jackpot of 500 and the average RTP is 97.07% which is quite high. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot at different casinos.

Slot Review

Even though it's hardly the first, and probably not the last time, as we see a slot machine game launcher, the Treasure Island slot certainly invites you to an amazingly beautiful environment with its varied bonus features as doubtless the top trump card. The Free Spins feature is definitely a favorite where lots of different wilds are added to assist in the big win, which makes the game extra interesting. We at Casinomir can highly recommend all players to go treasure hunting in Treasure Island! In addition to a cruel gaming experience, chances are you will be rewarded by one of the bonus features.