Updated: February 2, 2021

Progressive Jackpots Online UK 2021

Do you want to win millions at online casinos? We list all the best online casinos with the best progressive jackpot games. It’s in these games that you can win millions, even with a low bet.

In these games a small percentage of each bet stacks into a huge jackpot that some lucky player will win eventually.

Online slot machines such as Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune are very popular among players right now. Read our complete guide here and then you will become a jackpot expert!

Best Progressive Jackpot Sites UK – April 2021

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Win World-Record Jackpots When You are Playing Slots Onlin

It all began in Las Vegas. they started with land based slot machines and the rest is history. Most people have heard about crazy winnings in Vegas on slot machines. These land-based games however only have a RTP of 75%, compared to online slots that have 95%. So the chances of winning online is far greater.

The online revolution has made it possible for everyone to play on slots online. If you have a smartphone with an internet connection you can play anywhere at any time.

The quick progress from land-based slots to online slots has opened a new world of possibilities. The traditional mechanical slots are so much more limited. The online slots have far better graphics, sound effects, casino bonuses and game play.

Progressive slots were first created about ten years ago when many different casinos had the same casino game and the providers linked them together for one huge jackpot. It’s almost only in these slots that you can win millions.

So, if you bet a small and have the right combinations, you can be a millionaire in just one spin. Doesn’t that sound great? Many online slot winnings have been recorded the Guiness Book of records during the recent years.

Many of the online casino players start out with playing free spins at a new casino, this is a good way of learning about the games with a limited risk. At the online casinos you can usually sort out the jackpot slots but the casinos usually don’t give out so much free spins on these. 

There are a Lot of Chances to Win the Really Big Money Online


When people are talking about jackpots the winnings are usually always huge. However, the pay-outs on these slots are always different. You don’t know how much money you can win on a certain slot, the sky is the limit here.

There are also slots with different levels of jackpots and the smallest jackpot may not be on the million pay-out level. You can actually win a life-time salary on just one spin.

At many new UK casinos online you can find slot machines that can lead to big profits. You don’t have to play progressive games however to win a huge jackpot. There are some games that have huge jackpots like Kings of Chicago and Spellcast.

Bingo is another game that can give you great profits. If you want to win big money the lotteries are also an option. In Powerball as an example you can win over 100 millions.

There are similar big wins in poker. “Bad Beat Jackpots” is a well-known concept where a pot is stacked for a day, a week, or a month. Online casinos can be quite creative when it comes to extra bonuses and great payments.

It’s very good for casinos if there is a huge jackpot win at their casino because of all the free marketing. You can become rich in one throw, a single bet or a single spin. We are all attracted by big winnings and these are the best ways

Progressive Jackpot Slots is one of the few ways to win really big online!
Latest Newcomers
Latest Newcomers

Even a Small Bet Could Bring Great Winnings on UK Online Casinos

It was not so many years ago that you had to visit a real casino in order to gamble. Thanks to the internet you can now play casino anywhere at any time as long as you have a smartphone with an internet connection.

Gambling was made famous from movies and casinos in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Many of us could only dream about playing in those casinos.

When the internet casinos were launched it changed the industry completely. Now you have access to hundreds of online casinos all over the world. Each one with a unique theme and casino games. A good welcome bonus at an online casino is a great way to get started when you are on the hunt for the big money.

The world of online casinos offers a really great chance of winning the big pay-out. You don’t even have to bet much in order to play millions on certain games. In the industry we have seen record after record being beaten when it comes to massive winnings.

Some games that you can break a record with are Mega Fortune Deams and Hall of Gods. You can even win millions on free spins! If you are playing with a good bonus you will reduce your risk of losing money and increase your chances of winning a lot of money.

The Biggest Progressive Jackpot Winnings

Here is a list of the highest jackpots in history and the games:

  • 1. Mega Fortune: €17,860,868
  • 2. Mega Molaah: £13,212,882
  • 3. Mega Fortune: €11,735,446
  • 4. Mega Molaah: $11,633,898
  • 5. Mega Molaah: $11,609,942
  • 6. Mega Molaah: $10,423,223
  • 7. Arabian Nights: €8,635,872
  • 8. Mega Fortune: $10,143,123
  • 9. Mega Fortune: €8,577,104
  • 10. Mega Molaah: $9,572,528

With just a single cent it’s possible to get all the way to a bonus game in which the reward could be great. The last couple of years thousands of British players have become millionaires at online gambling.

Can you really be good at it or is it just luck? Well, it is a combination in our opinion. If you want to get rich at gambling there are some games that are less likely to give out a big pay-out such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Summary of Online Casinos with Progressive Jackpot Games

Casino games online attracts millions of visitors every day. There are around one hundred new casinos each year and in order to compete with each other, they are offering bonuses.

These bonuses come in many shapes and forms e.g. welcome bonus, free spin, cash back etc. A good bonus is a great way of starting your casino adventure. With this bonus you can try out different jackpot games with a limited risk.

These slots are the most popular type of casino games right now and no wonder why. It’s on these games that you can win millions! Check out which jackpot game you like the most and try to learn everything about it.

Make sure to not miss out on any good bonuses in order to maximise your chances of becoming really rich. Good luck and have fun!