Wizard of Gems from PlaynGO Slot Review

The Wizard of Gems is a slot from Swedish Play'n GO, which is still relatively new. Of course it depends on how you see it, but not even a year old (Christmas 2015) is still quite new, we think! In this game you are allowed to join in magic without the same.

You meet a cute little wizard who wants anything but evil. The game has a classic and simple design and can clearly be categorized within the genre "cute slots". We have a complete list over all the best online casinos.

Theme and Graphics

Free spins, on the other hand, are in the Wizard of Gems, hurray! There are only a few players who will not be happy if a game contains free spins - but surely there is certainly someone out there. However, we belong to the group who love free spins. Find a complete list over 50 free spins no deposit casinos here.

Gameplay and Symbols

In the Wizard of Gems, you need to get up to at least three scatter symbols (the star) to win some free spins. You will then receive 10 free spins directly, but if you succeed in triggering the function again, in the free round, you can win as many as 50 free spins on the rake!

Mobile Slot

There is no progressive jackpot in the Wizard of Gems. What we can announce, however, is that the maximum gain is 625,000. Now Play'n GO does not print if this is the number of coins or in kronor! If it's a coin, then this means a huge hack, and of course it's also the money the game manufacturer means. Over half a million would not be wrong to win it either!

Betting Options and Payout

If you are looking forward to playing Wizard of Gems with a few free spins that you get from a casino then we recommend that you check with the casino you intend to play Wizard of Gems at. Check if they have any spin on the Wizard of Gems to hand out. If not, do they have any unrestricted spin to offer?

Thus spin that is not connected to any specific slot. If this is not available then there is only one thing until you can do. And that is to ask the customer service right! Listen to them if you can get some Wizard of Gems free spins! It never hurts to ask! We offer brand new online casinos at our site.

Slot Review

The Wizard of Gems is a very nice game and in some way, this game is quite typical of Play'n GO, although we have reviewed a lot of games from the manufacturer and know that some games look quite different from this. We invite you to a fun game in a pretty classic vintage if we ignore the avalanche function as we do not run on every day. However, this is a very nice feature that raises the game quite a bit in this case.

We like the Wizard of Gems strong even though the game may not get the absolute highest rating. In such cases, we would have required a little extra or something that will not forget the game at first. And just that little extra, we still dare to say that the Wizard of Gems does not have unfortunately. But with that said, this is still a super cool and sweet game that you should not miss.