Tower Quest from PlaynGO Slot Review

Tower Quest is a video slot from Swedish Play'n GO, inviting a whole new fantasy world. Magic and fantasy are in focus here and everyone who loves that theme should certainly not miss Tower Quest. In this review, we will take a closer look at the game, the sorcerers and the evil trolls. 

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Theme and Graphics

In common, we start with the most interesting, namely: Tower Quest bonuses and how to get one! At, we are happy to always tip our readers about the value of playing games with casino bonuses. Using such ones could be compared to simply gaining little head start. 

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Gameplay and Symbols

As if a bonus game would not be enough, there are two different free spins in Tower Quest. A bottle of red liquid is acting as one scatter / free spins stem. As soon as you get such a symbol on the playing field, a meter is filled to the right with liquid. This meter has three levels and each level means a reward:

  • 10 markings = 5 free spins with multiplying wild symbols (x3)
  • 20 markings = 5 free spins with additional more wild symbols
  • 30 markings = 5 free spins with fixed wild symbols

Blue scatter

There is thus a scatter symbol where the liquid in the vial is blue instead. This works in the same way as the red symbol, with the difference that this symbol has a slightly higher value.

  • 5 markings = 1 free spin with stacked wild on reel 3 that doubles your winnings
  • 10 markings = 1 free spin with a total of 5 extra wilds on the wheels
  • 15 markings = 1 free spin with stacked solid wilds on wheels 1, 3 and 5

Mobile Slot

You can play Tower Quest on your mobile or tablet without difficulty. Most importantly, you will find a mobile casino that offers the game. Then it does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android. We list all the best mobile casinos at our site.

Betting Options and Payout

The graphics are really cool in Tower Quest and, as we mentioned in the introduction, this is a game for all fantasy nerds. We get through Tower Quest into a magical world where magicians, magic and magic are as natural as it's unnatural in our real world. The music feels the bells and the animations are certainly well-made.

Actually, we have basically already reviewed all the features of the game, but of course we should tell you more about Tower Quest's wild symbol. It represents a tower that is always stacked because it simply covers more than one position on the wheels. In common order, the wild symbol replaces all other symbols (except scatter and bonus), thus increasing your winning chances.

Tower Quest consists of 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 regular game lines. You can set the coin value (0.01 to 1) and how many coins you want to bet per spin (1 to 5). This allows you to bet as much as 100 euro to 0,20 per cent.

Slot Review

It's hard not to be impressed by Tower Quest. Generally creating a nice game is a cruel achievement - but also creating a whole fantasy world at the same time (as Play'n GO does in this way) is also a great job. This is a castle that offers lots of features and, perhaps, could be categorized among the slightly more advanced slots.

By this we do not mean that the game itself is so badly complicated, but it requires reading a bit about the game to understand how it works. It's not really just leaning back and letting the wheels spin - like many other games are expanded and those we call "easier" slots. But to sum up this conclusion, we can only say: if you love fantasy and if you love slots that are not super simple but may require a little tedding, then we can really recommend Tower Quest!