Sweet Alchemy from PlaynGO Slot Review

In Sweet Alchemy from Play'n GO, you will get acquainted with a whole new world. The game is about alchemy for candy and you will learn concepts like candy mixer, sugar shock meter and joker candy. This slot is a classic gridlock of roughly the same kind as Gemix and Moon Princess, but it offers a number of new features that Play'n GO has not featured before.

In this review of Sweet Alchemy, you will find out all that is worth knowing about the game. In addition, we offer a try-on version of the game. However, we should already mention in the introduction that the game is a very cute (in double sense) and "cute" little castle. If you like cute themes, Sweet Alchemy is a must. If you're more a fan of action-packed titles, you should probably opt out of the game immediately.

Theme and Graphics

Most slots can be learned gradually while playing a little cautiously with less effort. Sweet Alchemy, however, is a slot you should try for free quite a while before you start making real money. We have a complete list over all the best online casinos.

Indeed, the game has a real depth in terms of both the basic game and the special features. We can recommend that you try our demo version until you get warm in your clothes. It will be more fun to play with real money if you just understand how the game works.

Gameplay and Symbols

Sweet Alchemy is a grid slot with 5 x 5 positions. This design makes it uninteresting with coin values and input levels. To start a game, just click on one of the pre-assembled amounts at the bottom of the screen. You can play for anything between 1 - 1000 kr.

Among the extra features you can choose from are auto-fast and fast play. You can also make different settings for the sound. For example, if you think Candy gets a bit dull in the long run, you can make her silent at the touch of a button.

Mobile Slot

The more features, the better seem to have been Play'n GO's motto when composing this palace. There is another specialist to tell us about. It's about the "map".

Once you've come all the way to the Kraftelixer bonus and manage it, you get a step on a treasure map. Here there are treasure troves to open and there are no bad gains hidden in them.

Each treasure map gives you 15% of what you have recorded in prizes in the base game since the last time you opened a coffin. We offer comprehensive guides on many different new casino sites.

Betting Options and Payout

Sweet Alchemy has an RTP of 96.52%. It can be perfectly satisfied with this refund. The variance in the game is about means and the game is more generous with profits than, for example, Viking Runecraft and Gemix. Important to know is that a major part of the refund comes from the Kraftelixer bonus and profits from the treasure trove.

According to the rules of the game there should be an opportunity to win up to 3000 times the bet on a single spin. We are hard to see exactly how it should be, but there is no doubt that there are huge gains to record in Sweet Alchemy.

Slot Review

If you like to play slots with more features than you can count on, Sweet Alchemy is obviously an excellent choice. Here are lots of slots goddess! It's just a matter if you can also appreciate the sugar-sweet theme. Well done is the theme in any case and it is clear that Play'n GO has wanted to take the gridlock concept to a new level.

Before starting to bet on the game, please note that the game's basic game is not particularly generous. In order to get bigger wins and to get a higher refund, some flow with both the jokers and bonus rounds is required. The fact that a part of the refund is in the tax lists also means that the game is not an optimal choice if you just want to jump in and play a few quick rounds.