Myth from PlaynGO Slot Review

Do you feel a great fascination for Greek mythology? Or are you only generally interested in history and cultures? In such cases, do not miss Play'n GO's "Myth" - a slot machine where you can truly experience the mythology and familiarize yourself with celebrities like Cyclops, Medusa and Minotaurus.

Theme and Graphics

If you usually read our reviews then you know what's coming now! It is here that we advise you to play Myth with a casino bonus. The reason is very simple, you simply get more games for the money in that way, more complicated than it is! How to get a Myth bonus?

It's very simple. Below we thought about three casinos where you can both play Myth - and get favorable bonuses. So there you have three Myth bonuses to begin with! Find a complete list over 50 free spins no deposit casinos here.

Gameplay and Symbols

There are free spins in Myth, hurray! In order to win some free spins in Myth, you must receive at least three scatter symbols. The symbol represents a golden vase and 3 such gives you 15 free spins with a multiplicator on x3. You can also re-enable free spins during the free spins mode and, as a rule, you can get up to 60 free spins on the rake.

Gaining free Myth free spins by a casino is also something you can try. However, we should emphasize that it may be smart to get free spins on some games. But try always forever! Just check out the casino where you intend to play Myth, do they have any free spins on the game? If not, maybe they have a campaign with "unlocked" free spins? Then spin as you can use whatever game you want.

Mobile Slot

It's great to play Myth on a mobile or tablet. All you need is a mobile casino that offers Myth as well as an iPhone, iPad or Android. Do you want to find mobile casinos no deposit? Then you have come to the right place.

Betting Options and Payout

Myth is certainly an exciting castle that is inspired by Greek mythology. In other words, here you will meet a number of known creatures such as Medusa, Minotaurus and Cyclops, all of which are included in mythology in one way or another. The castle itself is quite simple without a lot of advanced features so if you like such games with fun themes then maybe Myth can fit you like the hand in the glove.

In addition to the scatter function, there is a wild / wilder symbol in Myth that you should know. It represents a soldier in armor and besides the property that it replaces all other symbols (except scatter), this is also the symbol that pays out the best in the game. A total of 5,000 coins if you get it in 5 copies on the playing field! It is also required that the playlists are active as the symbol appears.

Slot Review

You can not say anything but Myth is a nice castle in all its simplicity. Sure, the theme does not feel superunique, but it's exciting anyway! It would have been fun with a bonus game, but sometimes you can not get everything you want. RTP is really cool at 96.88% and we have seen significantly worse RTPs than that.

So well done Play'n GO! But to summarize it all: if you like simpler slots where you can win free spins and have an interesting theme then you should enter Myth. But if you love fun bonus games and odd themes then Myth may not be the game for you. We offer comprehensive guides on many different new casino sites.