Moon Princess from PlaynGO Slot Review

From Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Alchemist, Japanese Anime has a little something for every taste. Delving into the world of Anime in an entirely new way, PLAY’n GO comes up with an exciting slot title called Moon Princess.

This slot is a unique take on the online gaming industry by mixing the classic style of Anime with a high-action style online casino game.

Mobile-optimised for Android and iOS as well compatible with tablet devices, Moon Princess from PLAY’n GO generates an extra bit of attention to appeal to many types of online slot players.

With a brand-new style of gameplay in a grid format with 5 reels contrary to the classic spin reels, Moon Princess is a popular game and a safer bet for those who enjoy the most modern style of online gambling.

Slot Information

Name Moon Princess
Software PlaynGO
Slot Type Video Slot

Game Information

Autoplay No
Bonus Game No
Free Spins No
Multiplier No
Progressive No
Scatter Symbol No
Wild Symbol No

Theme and Background

Moon Princess is clearly inspired by the famous 1990s anime and manga, Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and her friends, all named after planets, went around fighting evil in their mission to protect and find the Moon Princess.

The theme of this game is all about stars, space and overall girl power. All of the sailor warriors are valiant females who barely break a sweat while saving the world and wearing bright, eccentric costumes.

The Moon Princess slot from PLAY’n GO is a great way to pay tribute to this gang of female moon soldiers. Instead of Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars, this slot features ‘Love’, ‘Star’ and ‘Storm’ who each have unique powers.

Just like in Sailor Moon, they’re all in the service of the Moon, and they all have their costumes. The features of the slot are designed around their own unique powers and abilities. This game is like a blast from the past with nostalgia hitting hard on all players.

Queeny Pros

·     Drop multipliers increase your wins.

·     Free spins round is very profitable because multipliers do not renew between each spin.

·     Princess Trinity feature can cash-out big as well.

Princess Cons

·     Very high volatility means that this slot could eat up more money than it gives out, depending on how you play it.

·     Hit frequency for the free spins isn’t very high.

·     Main game multipliers renew between each spin.

Essential Gameplay

Moon Princess features a 5×5 drop-down grid. The winning symbols are destroyed when hit and replaced with new ones which drop from the top of the slot.

Wins are awarded when you get 3 or more symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically. It is a highly volatile game, which means it awards tiny wins in the main game, but offers big wins during the bonus rounds.

A win multiplier is increased when a winning combo is hit. Since Moon Princess is a drop-down slot, the winning combos take place at regular intervals of time. That means that the multipliers can keep increasing indefinitely as long as the winning combos happen within the same spin.

Wild Symbols

Wilds are represented by the Moon symbol. They can substitute all other symbols on the reels, to help form as many winning combos as possible. When there is a chain of 3 symbols, the Wild symbol will appear in the middle position of that chain.

This will help the next symbols that drop down to form new winning combinations. When symbols are destroyed, and the Wild appears in the middle position, Free Spins are triggered.

Girl Power Features

The Girl Power Feature can be triggered at random, including during non-winning rounds. There are three different versions of this feature. As stated above, each princess also comes with a unique power that she bestows on the reels when the Girl Power feature is triggered.

  • Love Princess: One set of particular symbols is selected and changed into a different symbol. This, therefore, creates a much higher probability of landing those winning combos.
  • Star Princess: Star will randomly add one or two Wilds to the reels by changing that symbol into a Wild symbol. This also means a higher probability of landing a winning combo, since Wilds substitute for all other symbols.
  • Storm Princess: During this Girl Power feature, two sets of symbols are randomly selected and removed from the grid. Unlike the Love Princess, they are not transformed into another symbol.

Princess Trinity Feature

On the screen to the left of the reels, there is a meter having 3 different sections. Once all 3 sections are full, it will trigger the Princess Trinity feature.

The meter can only be filled up with winning combos formed from the Princess symbols. If you manage to get a 5-of-a-kind combo, the meter will fill up instantly, and the Princess Trinity feature will get activated. If you land 4-of-a-kind, you’ll fill up 2 sections from the meter. If you land 3-of-a-kind, you guessed it, you fill up 1 section.

The Princess Trinity feature will award the player 1 free round, also known as re-spin. The unique thing about the Princess Trinity feature is that each of the Princesses will take their turn to perform their Girl Power feature. The round will not stop before each of the three elements has been carried out, and no more wins are possible.

Free Spins

Like mentioned above, the free spins are triggered when there are no more symbols left on the reels. Immediately, you will be asked to choose between three different types of free spins, depending on the princess you want.

  • Love Princess: Will award player 4 free spins. The Love Girl Power Feature will be active during the free spins round.
  • Star Princess: Awards player 5 free spins. Star Girl Power Feature will be active throughout the free spins.
  • Storm Princess: Awards 8 free spins. Storm Girl Power Feature active throughout the free spins round.

The best part about the free spins rounds is that the drop multipliers are not reset between each spin. They keep accumulating up to a maximum of 20x.

The free spins round can help in filling up the meter. If you’re on the Love Princess spins, you’ll get another 4 free spins. If you’re on the Star Princess, you’ll get another 3 spins. The Storm Princess will give you another 2.

Payout and Wagering Limits

Since the Moon Princess slot is volatile, we are not surprised to see that even the high paying symbols have a relatively low payout. Volatile slots are only profitable when you start activating those bonus rounds and big wins. Otherwise, the main game can quickly strip you of your cash with nothing to show for it.

The RTP of this slot is pretty decent at 96.5%. The hit frequency isn’t the best, but good enough to keep you going. It is essential to note this isn’t a slot you want to play if you’re just looking for some casual fun.


Like most modern-day slots, Moon Princess is insanely volatile, and you just keep an eye on that bankroll. But this game delivers on both bonuses and entertainment. All the anime lovers out there will appreciate where this slot is coming from, and the big multiplier wins it has in store for players.

For a taste of something new and a chance to try a game that differs from the classic casino sites online offerings, Moon Princess is an excellent choice of slot.

PLAY’n GO has done a splendid job with the extra additions, and the slot as a whole just has something that little bit special about it. The ability to play Moon Princess on mobile makes it even more exciting with the ability to trigger those bonus features wherever you go.

Whether you’re a high roller and want to play at the upper limit of 100 coins, a safe player who would opt for the low limit of 0.20 coins or even a play for free, Moon Princess caters to everyone’s need.

We highly recommend checking out this immersive slot from Play’N Go for free or real money at any online casino.