Grim Muerto from PlaynGO Slot Review

Grim Muerto is one of many popular slot machines from the popular Play'n Go manufacturer. The theme of this video slot is the Mexican festival Dia de los Muertos, that is, the day of the dead. This game does not leave much to spare. Here you will find lots of free spins, exciting bonus games and a generous jackpot.

As always, when it comes to games from this manufacturer, great designs and graphics are offered, tasteful and appropriate soundtrack and stylish effects. If you are new to playing online casino then this video slot is great to start with.

Theme and Graphics

The theme in Grim Muerto is Mexican festivities, which is clear when you see the symbols of the game. Here you will find music playing skeletons in different versions, books, the classic letters and mariachi-playing skeletons as wild symbols. During the bonus rounds you may also be lucky enough to see a joker that acts as an expanding game that generates big winnings.

Gameplay and Symbols

This time, the manufacturer also offers an interesting theme that is not found in real life. Giving the players a great dose of culture is a refreshing feature of the otherwise very similar online gaming machines.

Enjoying a graphically excellent slot while actually having good chances of combining a juicy jackpot is never wrong. That's exactly what this slot offers its users, along with several other nice features and features to share during the game.

Mobile Slot

Grim Muerto has quickly become a very popular machine among the players. The Play'n Go manufacturer has also enabled users to play the slot directly from the mobile phone. Of course, the game works just as well, whether you use an android device or device from iOS. We are many who appreciate the opportunity to spin the wheel a few times on the phone while we are in queues, have breaks or travel collectively. Go to your mobile device to play this exciting and fun casino game from the top provider. You will certainly enjoy thanks to many winning chances in the slot game.

Betting Options and Payout

Grim Muerto lets the players celebrate the day of death along with entertaining skeletons, giving a somewhat horrified delight all over the place. You can choose to bet as little as 0,01 to 100n euro, which means that this game fits well with all game types and wallets. Obviously, however, the higher the amount of bet you play with the bigger winnings you have the chance to put your hands on.

The game's design is like a standard slot machine with its five spinning wheels and 20 fixed win lines. There are also fun bonus games with good profitability. The whole game breathes Mexican fiesta - with the dead as hosts. A colorful party with accompanying mariachi music that sounds under the whirl. Once you've won a spin, you can hear a fan of trumpets played by the dead.

Slot Review

If you like exciting bonus games, nicely designed graphics and an authentic soundtrack, Grim Muerto can definitely be one of the best casino games online. Also, having the chance to win a juicy jackpot while enjoying the entertaining skeletons is not bad either. This is one of the best games to play on top UK casinos this year.

Whether you like to play with very little or with much greater effort, nothing is impossible in this slot machine. In addition, the cultural element is very refreshing among the otherwise superficial supply. This is a game that suits everyone who wants to enjoy excellent entertainment while winning wins.