Golden Goal from PlaynGO Slot Review

Golden Goal Slot Machine game is a game that gives the football fans a couple of beautiful game times in the honor of the football. The game is great for players who can not live without football but still want a wonderful casino experience.

With Golden Goal slot you can enjoy casino games while your favorite match is up and running. And if it turns out that the match was not something, you can always comfort yourself with a wonderful casino action and a few nice wins.

The game awaits you with a pair of beautiful symbols such as whistles, soccer shoes and of course football balls. The classic slot machine has no moving symbols but instead bites the classic Wild symbol. The symbol is extra special in the Golden Goal slot as it replaces other symbols in the game but also because it gives us the Jackpot game.

Theme and Graphics

The Golden Goal slot has held back on special features like free spins and bonus games, but we still get a few features that make the game more alive. For each time the win is over, you will hear a whistle and confetti will fall into the game, which is a nice touch on the classic slot machine.

You'll also get to know some nice symbols to help you win extra winnings and win prize in the Golden Goal slot. The wild symbol is the symbol to keep track of - the symbol consists of a football covered in gold.

The gold ball not only gives you the Jackpot without extra winnings throughout the game, as it replaces all other symbols in the game. Something special with the Wild symbols in the Golden Goal slot machine is that you get a profit every time the symbol comes up on the playing field.

Gameplay and Symbols

Football is undoubtedly the theme of the game and we can look at the symbols in the Golden Goal Slot Machine game. Here you will find beautiful symbols like gold balls, soccer gloves, whistles and soccer shoes, and everyone provides you with fun winnings. Football gloves are the symbol to bet if we ignore the Wild symbols, which give you a payout of up to 600 coins.

Mobile Slot

Golden Goal Slot Machine can be played in both iPhones and Android mobiles using a mobile casino app. When you play on the cell phone, you get a few benefits that make you probably abandon your computer.

Playing on your mobile or tablet gives you the opportunity to play at exactly the time the suction falls. You do not have to hurry home to start playing the Golden Goal slot, since you always carry your Play'n Go casino in your back pocket or purse. To play with a mobile casino app, you need to download the app via your app store.

Some casino sites offer a QR code to help you load the mobile app by scanning the code. If you want to skip the casino app completely, it will work out very well. If you want to play directly through your browser on your iPhone or Android mobile, you only need to enter your online casino name to be forwarded to the mobile version.

Betting Options and Payout

Once again, we enjoy a one-piece bandit that offers a couple of exciting game times. Golden Goal Progressive Jackpot is a much needed feature that gives us casino action and fun game time.

To get to the Jackpot, you need to enter all Wild symbols on the payline with a 3 coin bet. Should you, however, get three wild symbols when playing with 2 coins in bet you will get 1600 coins, which is not that bad.

The wild symbol of the Golden Goal slot machine is not hard to recognize as it consists of a football covered with 24 carat gold. The heavy ball will help you through the whole game by giving you more winning chances and of course the jackpot.

Slot Review

There is no surprise that the Golden Goal slot machine is for all football fans out there. The energetic bandit offers classical excitement in football's honor and a game full of football gadgets and a lovely jackpot to look forward to.