Updated: September 12, 2019

Gemix from PlaynGO Slot Review

This slot was developed by the awesome guys from the PLAY’n GO team. This fun slot game offers colourful gems to be matched and earn points. This game was first created and released in 2015. Since then has become very popular among regular players. Check it out at CasinoMir.com.

This game features three different worlds with exciting new adventures in each of them! Here you have to match five similar gems to complete a sequence. By completing the sequence, you will be rewarded each time. As a sequence is completed, new gems will fall from the sky, and it will give you another fantastic chance to win new more prizes.

In short, it’s a full-on adventure game which gives a real arcade feel, it’s on par with other games available in the market today. Now we will be discussing more this fantastic game “Gemix”. So, what are you waiting for, why not give it a spin at CasinoMir.com?

Slot Information

Name Gemix
Software PlaynGO
Slot Type Video Slot

Game Information

Autoplay No
Bonus Game No
Free Spins No
Multiplier No
Progressive No
Scatter Symbol No
Wild Symbol No

Introduction to Gemix Slot

Do you like sparkling gems? Do you wish to win gems and challenge yourself? If yes then Gemix is the game for you! Play this cascading 7-reel slots with many win combinations.

This game offers different jewels of different colour, shape and size to build your wins. As you start making combinations, you will encounter yet more new gems falling from the sky replacing the old ones, if a win occurs you will keep playing the same spin!

Do you want to go on an adventure? Well, our super slot game Gemix can offer you that as it has three different worlds just waiting for you to discover. Just keep making matches, and soon you will level up, and the level up bonus will be transferred to you immediately.

Gameplay and Symbols of Gemix

As stated earlier, it’s no ordinary slot game you see in everyday life. It will remind you of candy crush or bejewelled. Usually, we would have to find three adjacent gems or stones, but in Gemix, we have to match five gems.

To win you need to put 5 gems in any joined combination, but remember that it doesn’t count putting them diagonally. When you get a group of five gems or more, it will pop giving you a special bonus. After that, new gems take their place.

There is a status bar in the background which gets slowly filled as you keep making and popping those matches. When the status bar gets filled, you will level up and get rewards. After completing a specific number of levels, you will enter a new world with greater possibilities.

You will see an icon of a wizard on the upper left corner just beside the status of the world you are in, that is one of the essential symbols of the game. You can find your world bonus status on the lower right side of the screen. Total wins can be easily found on the lower left side of the screen.

You will find new different wild symbols in each new world you visit. This game will give you rewards for every matchmaking, the more you play, the more you will get. The system of this game will keep it interesting to play longer.

Mobile Version of Gemix slot

The game has also been developed for mobile. To play the mobile version, you need to play this at a mobile casino which offers games from the PLAY’n GO developers. You can find a whole host of mobile casinos at CasinoMir.com. Different mobile casino sites offer various joining bonus, some which will help you to play Gemix.

Betting Options and Payments in Gemix

Gemix by PLAY’n GO is truly a masterpiece, as it offers a repayment rate of 96.75%, the game provides excellent deals while being very entertaining.

You will see many slot games in the market which are heavily inspired by pre-existing games like candy crush. However, Gemix doesn’t obey the pre-existing rules others follow, that’s what makes it more interesting to play.

To win a game in Gemix, you need to match not three but five gems in a row, column or set which will give you rewards and level you up. There will be 49 gems on your screen from which you will have to make the matches. The grid is made of 7×7 blocks where the gems fall.

5 Reasons You Should Play Gemix slot game

•    Real attractive in-game graphics.

•    Different and more exciting than any other slot game in the market.

•    Safe deposits and winnings.

•    Repayment rate of 96.75%

•    Bonus for every match you make.

Overview of the Gemix

Gemix is a modern slot game developed by PLAY’n GO. It is entirely different from the other retro games from the competition. With amazing sparkling graphics, excellent game design, an easy to play style and stunning background, this game exceeded our expectations.

As stated earlier this is a bit unique game, but just because ’it’s unique it does not mean you should have any second thoughts about it but on the contrary if you like to play something different, something other than all the same old slot game then we will highly recommend you Gemix by PLAY’n GO.

This game is sure to keep you entertained throughout the time you play, it is designed to do so!