Dragon Ship from PlaynGO Slot Review

To get free spins on the slot machine, you need to get wild symbols on wheels 1 and 5. These should be stacked wild and cover the entire reels. The wild symbol of this game is the dragon ship and when it appears on wheels 1 and 5, 15 free spins are activated. During your free spins, wheels 1 and 5 will stay wild during all your free rounds.

Theme and Graphics

During the main game of Dragon Ship you can choose to make a profit or gamble. If you choose to gambla you can double your winnings by choosing between red or black cards. You can also quadruple your win, but then you have to choose between clover, spades, hearts, or routes. If you fail to double or quadruple, you lose all that you have won in the main game. In addition, it can be fun to gambla. You do not mix. Everything is optional.

Gameplay and Symbols

Dragon Ship consists of 5 reels, 3 lines and 15 paylines. The graphics breathe vikings and various details such as shields, axes, beer bears and more make this game feel real deal. In the background are ships that sail and knock on the open sea and powerful drums that hit.

Wild symbols are something you really want many of. These replace all the other symbols except the bonus symbols. In combination with the correct other symbols, you can win a lot if you like using the wild symbols.

Do you get the entire stack, on wheels 1 and 5, of the dragons, which is at the front of the ship, you are awarded 15 free spins. Free spins are excellent in so many ways but mostly because they are free and you are given the opportunity to win great winnings.

These scatters, in the form of the dragons, also work as wilds embracing these free spins and you can win a certain number of times your bet during these free spins as well.

Mobile Slot

Dragon Ship is available for mobile phones for anyone who has iPhone and Android phones. Because the slot machine has become very popular for a very short time, it was not surprising when the game was released for the mobile.

Playing on the mobile is something that is highly sought after and something that most players prefer to play on the computer. There is nothing that is as easy to access as playing via the phone. Just log in to the casino via the application and get started.

Betting Options and Payout

If you are unsure how the game works, you can always read around the game by clicking the question mark at the bottom left. There you can get a clear picture of all its features and how the game works. One tip is to start by reading it before you start playing Dragonship. All in order not to miss any details.

You can choose autospel if you have anything else to do while you play. Maybe you have to cook, cook, go to the bathroom, vacuum or empty the washing machine. Then you click on 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 autos and it's spinning without the need to push manually after each round.

Slot Review

Vikings are something that people in the Nordic region are very proud of. Many in the rest of the world are calling us vikings and we would like to be associated with them. Even though they were warriors who plundered and were on war crimes for over 300 years.

They also operated trade and discovered some other parts of the world. Among other things, there was a Viking called Leif Eriksson who discovered America. But the epitome of America's detective was Christopher Columbus.

The vikings lived as a seafarer and spread horror wherever they were. With their helmets, their art of war and fear, they pulled the world over and conquered. We are fascinated by Vikings and they are in our blood. Let's pay tribute to them by the slot machine Dragon Ship from Play'n GO