Crazy Cows from PlaynGO Slot Review

Crazy Cows Slot Machine offers a beautiful love theme that plays on a farmhouse.Here you will follow the farm's most popular animals such as the stately bull, but also the beautiful kisses of the farm will make you company during the game. The slot machine Crazy Cow slot also offers an exciting bonus game, fun free spins and a few awesome wins. Find a new casino to test it today!

Theme and Graphics

This fun video slot is full of fun special features that all offer the little extra. For example, take the bonus round that gives the Crazy Cow slot a personal life. Here you have the chance of a funeral game with moving symbols and fun videos.

And we must not forget to mention the expanded wilds symbol that takes up a whole wheel in the game. This acts as three stacked wilds and replaces all symbols in the game, giving you more chances of winning but also a couple of free spins.

Gameplay and Symbols

Crazy Cow's bonus mode is activated if you get at least 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the wheel and then choose a cow to perform a sim jump. Depending on how good this sim jump is, you win different sums of money plus freespins.

Then, the fresco mode starts and multiplies all winnings with a multiplier starting from 2. If you get 2 or more dog symbols during freespins mode, the multiplicator increases and can usually go up to 5. In addition, during Freespins mode you can once again activate the bonus mode by get at least 3 bonus symbols somewhere on the wheel and you can win up to 50 free spins.

Mobile Slot

Playing the Crazy Cow slot on your mobile gives you no doubt casino throttle just when the suction slips in. Depending on the casino you are playing, you have the opportunity to play Crazy Cow slot in both your iPhone and Android mobile.

A mobile casino app may be required to play Crazy Cow slot machine. The mobile app is available for download in your AppStore and for Android mobiles, the app is downloaded to the Google Play store. The app is easy to use and you will always have access to the Crazy Cow slot in your smartphone and tablet.

You can also start playing the Play'n Go game directly in your browser through your mobile browser. Offering your casino Crazy Cow video slot in your browser, you only need to enter the game page name to be sent to the mobile casino.

Tablets are at least as popular to play as computers, so why not try the luck at Crazy Cow slot in your iPad or Windows tablet. You're guaranteed to get a better gaming experience as the screen is much bigger than your mobile.

Betting Options and Payout

Crazy Cows has a teretic repayment of 96.7% which in theory means it returns 96.70 for every 100 staked. Keep in mind, however, that this is only a "theoretical repayment amount" that does not fit in practice because it is based on long-term play.

A slot machine has a theoretical refund for what it will give back in the long run, but in our reality, it can give 1% back today when we play and 150% another day. If we compare with other slot machines, however, this is a good theoretical refund on a slot machine and gives a shysst back to the players in the long run.

Slot Review

Crazy Cow slot is full of fun surprises hiding behind every symbol in the game. The slot machine is great for those who want to get more out of your game. Here you will get both free spins, bonus games, extra free runs and the chance to win up to 250,000 coins, followed by a really well-played game with cruel graphics and nice details.