Every online casino enthusiast knows about PlaynGO and their amazing games. They truly are pioneers within the industry and they are famous for their slot machines.

All of their games have a unique theme with great graphics, matching sound effects and a lot of exciting features. In addition to this, these games also have a very high RTP (Return to Player).

About PlaynGO
Name PlaynGO
Established 1990
Location Sweden
Number of Games 100

Company History

This company was founded in Växjö, Sweden back in 1990, so this is one of the oldest providers in the industry. Their development team is very experienced when it comes to creating new and innovative slot machines.

The company started with online slot machines in 2004 and today they have a wide range of casino games and related products. Since the start, PlaynGO have always focused on high-quality and innovative casino games.

A couple of years ago, this company only developed new casino games with Flash. There is however a huge disadvantage with this code, the games can’t be played from Smartphones. Today, there are more casino players that uses smartphones than computers and PlaynGO was late with changing their code. Today, all of their new games are created in HTML5, this means that all of their new games are available on your smartphone.

By being committed to digital entertainment, PlaynGO have ensured that their games are ranked among the best within the casino industry. Many players seek out their games thanks to their superb graphics and gameplay. They have also ensured that their games are accessible from all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Casino Games at PlaynGO

PlaynGO is based in Sweden their main focus is online slots for the European market, even though you can access their casino games from online casinos all over the world. The company started in the 1990 by a small group of developers.

The company has grown over the last two decades into one of the leading casino game providers in the world. They offer one of the best gaming platforms in the world. They also ensure “fair gaming” through all of their games, ensuring that their existing players are retained and attracting new ones as well.

PlaynGO does not only provide wonderful slot machines. They also provide a great back-end support for online casinos. This is one of the reasons why so many online casinos are offering PlaynGO games. All of their games have a unique theme with matching graphics and sound effects.

In addition to this, all of their slot machines also have a high RTP (Return to Player). We can really recommend all of their casino games to all of our players. Fantastic graphics, fun features and a high RTP are trademarks for casino games from PlaynGO.


Mobile Casino Games

If you are looking for mobile casino games then PlaynGo is the provder for you. They develop casino games for many mobile platforms which includes Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. In addition to this, they support every tablet on the market. One of PlaynGo’s advantages is that the support every market. Their look and feel adjusts to each market and they also support multiple currencies.

PlaynGO are all about the freedom of choice when it comes to casino games. Their e-gaming platform is delivered with a comprehensive back-office system, which is very popular among online casinos. Their most popular type of casino games are slot machines. In the industry, they are regarded as one of the leading providers. Their casino games always have a unique theme with fantastic graphics and matching sound effects.

Summary and Rating

PlaynGO has achieved its main goal, they want their casinos games to be available at as many online casinos as possible. The main reason behind their success is that they have created casino games that online casino players love. All of their games have a unique theme with great graphics and a matching sound track.

All of their casino games have wonderful graphics, animations and matching sound effects. In addition to this, all of their games are available on smartphones and tablets. PlaynGo games always have a lot of promotions and bonuses attached with them.

So why should you play on these games? One of the best arguments is that these games have a great RTP (Return to Player). All in all, this company provides online casinos with great slot machines. We can highly recommend all of their games.