Wild Water from Net Entertainment Slot Review

Wild Water slots came from NetEnt has really captivated the beautiful beach feeling from the 60s and 70s, where people were happy and Beach Boys were on the top lists.

The game will certainly make you want to go back in time to sunny California and swim with the bikini girls or join the guys surfing in the waves at this exciting slot machine game.

You can access it from several different devices including smartphones from Apple and Android or computers, both laptop and desktop. Find more at Casinomir.

Theme and Graphics

The waves, surfboards and the salt hair! Life is easy! If we rewind the band but and stay in the 1960s, it might be the best decade to catch the just mentioned three things.

If you also want to go out on a journey back in time and dream away to the waves of the waves, you'll want to explore one of the game developers Net Entertainment's masterpiece videoslot game. Wild Water is the name of this exciting slot machine that offers more than just cool graphics and fun features.

It is one of the best beach adventures online and it will for sure set you in a good made as well as provide you with great chances of winning large sums when spinning on this exciting slots machine.

Gameplay and Symbols

This slot machine has large win amounts to hand out, and if you are going to play Wild Water slot, you should be prepared for the waves to produce winnings you did not think were possible.

The game's playing field is five times three squares, but the design of this slot is quite special. Many of the winning symbols can cover up to 3 boxes at one and the same time, which is both fun and brand new.


If you are lucky enough to get 5 different symbols on the playing field, and everyone will cover up their entire wheel, "Surf Team" will be activated. Otherwise, as usual, the scatter symbols will keep your thumbs on. They have been blessed with winning qualities that are only present in the world of dreams and they can also start a bonus called "Surf's Up".

Mobile Slot

Online slot games have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. It has reached a large popularity and today people all over the globe participate in these exciting games, where world record winnings have been recorded several times over the last five years.

When you play the Wild Water slots game from NetEnt you can access the game and all its functions, no matter what device you are using to play the game from. Computer, tablet and mobile phone are among the options available to access this slot game from Net Entertainment.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which is standard for video slots nowadays. Wild Water has a jackpot where you can win 2000 coins and you can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot at different online casinos, many of them that are represented here on casinomir.com.

Slot Review

Wild Water is a fun, new and exciting slots machine that really brings back the vibes from the sunny California back in the days. You can find all the popular things in the game and the winnings waiting for you can possibly be enormous.


Take a chance today and win real great winnings when playing Wild Water from NetEnt on your computer or mobile device by using a free spins offer or a casino bonus from one of our partner casinos here on Casinomir. Good luck and take it easy in the waters!