Tornado Farm Escape from Net Entertainment Slot Review

When a tornado sweeps across the farm, all hard working animals are released and travel on holiday. A quite unusual theme for a slot machine, but NetEnt has really created this slot machine in a way that makes it really fun and exciting.

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Theme and Graphics

When a large tornado visits the farm where a lot of animals live, it becomes an adventure that is really exciting. The cattle fit in the heat of the moment to use the strong winds to escape from the farm and the escape offers many fun and exciting moments! All you need to turn into the awesome bonus game are two bonus symbols.

Gameplay and Symbols

It's easy as a game to play the Tornado Farm Escape slot on an online casino, but it's a good idea to know the basic rules that apply to the slot machine before spinning the game. As you probably know, many slots work roughly the same, but they have some differences in rules and features. This game has, for example, 3 vertical lines and five horizontal spinning wheels, which is classical for online slots.


This means that the game plan contains 15 winning symbols each time you start a new spin, and you require at least three of a black on the same bet line to earn a win. If you miss a symbol in a winning combination, you can always take advantage of the game's wild symbols that can act as substitutes for symbols missing in a payline or substitution of symbols altogether.


Just like there are many different kinds of animals in a farmhouse, there are many kinds of symbols on this slot machine. They can all share profits, but some are bigger than others. To learn which ones are the best and the worst ones (not because some winnings may be bad, but still) you can check the pay table of the game that you find in the bottom left pane.

That explains all profit amounts and combinations in a simple way, so you know when you're close to combining a big win! Among the animals you meet in the slot machine you will get to know the farmhouse's pigs, chickens and horses. Symbols with radios, boots, suitcases and pallets are also available.

Mobile Slot

If you are using a smartphone that is not too outdated, you can play by browsing the casino with the browser. If you have an Android phone, iPhone or iPad, there should be no problem.

The three are optimized for mobile casino from the start, so you do not have to change any settings at all to play. Then you can also play without installing the casino's own app on the phone, which may be nice to get the most out of it.

Betting Options and Payout

Tornado Farm Escape RTP has 96.5% RTP which is higher than the average of about 90%. Mathematics is of course correct in the long run, but keep in mind that you can win really big and have a RTP of several thousand percent if you are lucky. In other words, all game times are unique, and it is the theme that decides.

Slot Review

To put it all together Tornado: Farm Escape is a fun little slot game that can give you a lot of nice winnings. With the innovative features, game pleasure is high. Add a cheeky humor to the equation and you have a really fine and exciting slot machine.

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