The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays from Net Entertainment Slot Review

This is an online slot with a restful and relaxing difference. The slot titled The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays is an entertaining play of 5 rows and 6 reels. This imagining of the mythical utopia is inhabited by animals that have donned clothes and sought for enlightenment. Are you looking for the best new casino sites UK? We list them all

The aim of players is to score clusters of symbols, all representative of the oriental theme, and the overall play is more peaceful and laid-back than many keen slot players might be used to. It is easy to become inspired with the avatar’s sense of joy and awe with the game play. There are no paylines involved. Players must score clusters of symbols amid normal gameplay and the numerous surprise bonus games.

Theme and Graphics

The Legend of Shangri-La is a retelling of the famous ancient legend about a utopian society. The avatar of the game is a handsome, healthy fox character with a perpetual sense of awe of everything he experiences. He gasps in anticipation of free spins and jumps in surprise at being clicked upon.


Fireworks light up the screen with each win. Magic particles fly from the hand of Fox Guru in the Free Spins, an ice dragon appearing in the same beat. NetEnt were really on the ball when they decided on the music, with a flute and string instruments a relaxing and mesmerising accompaniment to gameplay.

Gameplay and Symbols

The highest winnings can be taken from symbols depicting Shangri-La’s honoured Gurus. These, like all other symbols, are clustered to make a total of 9 for an immediate win. However, the Sticky Re-Spins feature is triggered if there are just two or more groups of matching symbols at any place on the reels. The clusters will stick where they are to improve the chances of winning.


Also, should an almost winning cluster or combination occur, and a symbol needed to score a win fall below the final row, the avatar will then grunt, pound his staff, and the reel will be magically reversed to bring this card back into play.

Mobile Slot

The mobile slot is readily available for those not hung up on the totality of the game’s charm, which is a little compromised with the loss of the desktop interface: The spin button is a stark contrast to the tranquil setting of the garden upon which the interface is layered. Fortunately, the avatar responds to our prodding just as before.


Graphics remain as detailed and vibrant. However, players may wish to toggle the quality if it proves too much for the mobile device. Do you want to find free spins no deposit required? Then you have come to the right place.

Betting Options and Payout

Players have the option of betting minimum cash value of .10 to 200. There are no paylines to manage, so players have a sliding scale for bet level and coin value. In the mobile app these options are tucked away within a menu button in the bottom right corner.


There is no max bet button to speak of, so players set their bets and can verify them at the bottom of the screen. The highest payouts are received from the Guru symbols, with the feline Guru having the best reward.

Slot Review

This slot based on a cluster pay system offers the best entertainment for those mildly stressed out, as they receive a lesson on confidence and simple joy from Master Fox. Players are encouraged to practice equanimity amidst the excitement of bonus games, magic, and the effect of quantity which is inherent to cluster pay slots.


Sites offer this game through desktop, mobile, and tablet medium; across all OS. Stocked with the best graphics and numerous bonus games, there is no doubt that this slot will become a favourite among a large audience. We offer online casino real money at our site.