Secrets of Atlantis from Net Entertainment Slot Review

Head deep into the abyss where many great things are waiting for you to find them. The slot machine Secrets of Atlantis is based on the lost city from Greek mythology and NetEnt is the creator.

As a player you can expect spectacular graphics and animations when you play on this slot. This game has five reels and 25 pay lines and the game has many cool and unique features. Will you find the lost city of Atlantis and collect the hidden treasures?

Theme and Graphics

Atlantis was first mentioned the works of Plato who was an ancient philosopher. His text is all about showing the strength with a real nation state. The island and its city is perhaps most famous for its downfall by the Greek gods in the Greek mythology.

They condemned it to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Even this day, people are still speculating where the city is, hoping to find treasures at the bottom of the sea. Very exciting according to us at Casinomir.


You will not find the island when you are playing this slot but you will be able to win a lot of money with a bit of luck. In addition, this slot is very fun to play and the graphics are really impressing. The reels are positioned on a city ruin that is slowly crumbling to pieces in the water with a distant light.

The image gives a magical atmosphere. When it comes to the slot symbols they are very well matched with the theme. Some of the symbols that you will find here are sea grass, jellyfish, sea turtles, crabs and pearl mussels.

Gameplay and Symbols

As a player, you will have good chances to find a treasure in the Secrets of Atlantis slot. This slot has 40 pay lines that are locked in their position. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for players to find winning combinations of three or more symbols.

This slot also allows that these combinations can be created in both directions, from left to right and vice versa. When you get a win, an effort multiplier kicks in.


A magical mermaid will guide the players through the Secrets of Atlantis and she turns up on the wheels as an extended wild symbol that stretches over three vertical reel positions. With this symbol the player will be able to create more winning possibilities. The beautiful mermaid can replace all the other icons on the screen when she pops up.

Mobile Slot

This slot is a very modern one and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile phone or on your tablet. If you have a smartphone with an internet connection you can play this slot on the bus or on the train.

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android and you don’t have to download an annoying application in order to play this slot. You can play directly in your browser. Sign up and play mobile casino today!

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 40 pay lines which is standard for video slots. Secrets of Atlantis has a jackpot of 400 and the average RTP is 97,1% which is super high if we compare it with other slots from Net Entertainment. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot on the many online casinos on our site.

Slot Review

This slot from Net Entertainment is a classic video slot with five reels. However, this slot has a lot of unique and exciting feature. This slot is a bit tricky to learn but once you understand how it works its super fun to play.

We can really recommend this fantastic slot machine to all of our players. Don’t forget to take advantage of a good free spins bonus when you are playing this slot. A bonus always gives the player an advantage and improves the chances of winning a lot of money.