Pyramid Quest for immortality from Net Entertainment Slot Review

The ancient Egyptians believed that the dead Pharaohs would be reborn and become immortal. That is the reason why the Pharaohs were buried with a lot of treasure and possessions with them in their tombs in the pyramid.

Many of these tombs were plundered by thief’s and now it's your turn to look for these priceless treasures in the slot machine "Quest for Immortality" from NetEnt. You can win a lot of money at this slot and the gameplay is awesome. You can usually get a lot of free spins at this slot on the online casinos at our site.

The symbols in this slot are golden snakes, eagles, scarabs and the Pharaoh’s mistresses who also were buried together with him (usually alive). There are also bonus rounds in this slot with wilds and an avalanche feature with ever increasing multipliers.

Theme and Graphics

The theme of this slot is quite obvious, ancient Egypt! This is not the first slot machine with this theme however, Egyptian Heroes and The Secrets of Horus are two other examples from Net Entertainment. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is a very welcome addition.

This game has beautiful graphics and a matching soundtrack. The first reel in this slot has three rows, the other reel has four lines, third wheel has five lines, the fourth wheel has four rows and finally, the fifth wheel has three lines. In total there are 720 pay lines, which is extremely many!

All of the symbols in this slot has an ancient Egypt theme and you can see golden snakes, eagles and scarabs. This slot has a cool and well-designed theme with lots of exciting features. Find gambling sites that offer the game on Casinomir.

Gameplay and Symbols

This slot is all about collecting treasures. If you want to get the big money then you need to get a lot of avalanches in a row in order to increase the multiplier up to 10x. The wild Golden Ankh has the mysterious power to substitute all other symbols which will give you extra big winnings.

If you win in this slot it automatically locks up the “Avalanche Feature” which first removes the treasure from the pyramid, and then let new symbols replace the old and you will get sort of a free spin.

This feature continues until there are no more winning lines. For every three winning "avalanches", the multiplier increases and it can reach up to 10 x, which is the secret of how to win the huge jackpot in this slot.

Mobile Slot

This slot is a modern one from Net Entertainment and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile device. If you want the best casino experience we recommend you to try to play this slot from an iPad, the game play is really awesome. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android and you don’t have to download a complicated application in order to play this slot machine. You can play Pyramid Quest for Immortality directly in your browser.

Betting Options and Payout

This classic video slot has 5 reels with incredibly 720 pay lines! Five reels are always standard for video slots. Pyramid Quest for Immortality has a jackpot of 50 and the average RTP is 96,5% which is quite high. You can usually get a lot of free spins on our site at this fantastic slot.

Slot Review

The slot machine Pyramid Quest for Immortality may not go down in history as the most unique slot machine ever. There are several other slots with the same theme and the features are often seen in other slots as well.

Maybe it's as simple as that players like ancient Egypt very much? Anyway, if we disregard the theme of the slot and look into the game play we understand why this slot is so popular right now.

The avalanche feature is really fun and cool and the free spins mode is a great place for making a lot of money. We really recommend this slot to all of our players.