Kings of Chicago from Net Entertainment Slot Review

Kings of Chicago slot machine really invites players to a delightful mix of our favorite casino games, poker and slots. Enjoy an incredible mix poker and slots all in one game, sign up at one of our casinos and get a couple of free spins at this amazing slot.

Kings of Chicago slot is without a doubt a really fun slot machine to play and there is no one other like it. Kings of Chicago is the first video slot that combines classic slot game with classic video poker, which creates a unique video slot mix that is developed by the famous Swedish company, Net Entertainment. Kings of Chicago has a gangster theme and takes place in Chicago.

This slot machine has five bet lines where 15 cards are dealt each round of the game. When the cards have been dealt, you will win if you have three of a kind or higher.

Theme and Graphics

If you want to be in character when you are playing Kings of Chicago, you should put on a cool hat and a dark suit to look like a mafia boss in Chicago. On the Wild Joker and the scatter symbols there are different cool gangsters and they trigger the Free Spins-function.

The other symbols are Jewelry, firearms, poker chips, money and other cool gadgets. Fittingly enough, the symbols on the reels are replaced with a deck of cards, with a joker that acts as a multiplier 2x when it ends up on the reels.

The noise sounds much like a full poker room with different voices speaking with each other and it never gets annoying. The reels are spinning with the sound of a deck of cards being shuffled and dealt, which adds more to the cool poker theme.

Gameplay and Symbols

The Joker card in the Kings of Chicago slot is a Wild multiplier. The Joker may replace any other cards to create a winning hand for you and it also works as a multiplier and will therefore give you even more winnings.

Another cool and unique feature with Kings of Chicago is the amazing scatter symbol. All cards can actually be a scatter symbol. It can show up on any card during the game. When three or more scatter symbols appear, the amazing free spins round starts.

In the free spins mode, you will have the same bet as your last one and winnings on enabled pay lines pays twice. When you are in Free Spins mode, you can win even more free spins if you get three or more Scatter symbols.

Mobile Slot

This slot is a modern very one from NetEnt and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you have a new iPhone or an old Android and you don’t have to download a complicated and annoying application in order to play this slot machine.

Betting Options and Payout

This slot has 5 reels with 5 pay lines which is standard for video slots from NetEnt. Kings of Chicago has a jackpot of 10000 and the average RTP is 97,8% which is very high if we compare with other slot machines.

What makes the Kings of Chicago slot so tempting for poker and video slots players are the big payouts. Your winnings are based on your poker hand, most players know how much the different poker hands are worth so it’s really easy to learn how this slot machine works regarding payouts.

In addition, the simple layout in the control panel makes it easy to understand the payments, and those payments will also occur very often. Payout combinations in the Kings of Chicago slot is as follows; four of a kind, three of a kind, straight flush, straight flush, full House, five of a kind and a natural flush.

Slot Review

Kings of Chicago slot really invite all players to a delightful mix of our favorite games, poker and slot machines.

Enjoy real casino action in this all in one slot. What makes this slot really awesome are the payouts!

With a jackpot of 10000 and a RTP of 97,8% this slot is exceptional good. Enjoy this slot with the help of free spins at one of our online casinos, good luck!