Frankenstein from Net Entertainment Slot Review

Frankenstein's slot is based on Mary Shelley's very famous book. Frankenstein one of the most popular slot machines that the game provider NetEnt has to offer. Many people know about the story of Dr. Frankenstein.

He created a monster with the help of lightening. All the music and all original characters have been used in Frankenstein. Therefore, players will recognize the story directly in the game. The eccentric researcher Dr. Victor Frankenstein is included, Frankenstein's monster and Fritz.

Theme and Graphics

The story originated in a dream that Mary Shelly had then herself. She dreamed of a scientist who created life and became disturbed by what could be accomplished. The story became known as “Frankenstein”.

The first edition was anonymously published in 1818, while the second edition was published in France in 1823, but with Shelley's name. This slot theme is all about Frankenstein and it could be a bit scary sometimes.

Gameplay and Symbols

When two phenomenal companies in the entertainment industry work together, we players can expect a lot. Net Entertainment is by many regarded as the best provider in the industry. NetEnt leaves no disappointment and all expectations are met in this game.


Frankenstein introduces a number of fairly innovative features in the game like flashing and burning wilds, a scatter symbol with a burning windmill, free spins and multiplier symbols. It has to be said that we had expected a bit more from Universal's movies or at least one bonus game, but we are sure that many players will love this new and exciting slot game.

Mobile Slot

This slot machine is a modern one and therefor it works perfectly on your mobile phone or your tablet. It doesn’t matter if you have a new iPhone or an old Android and you don’t have to download a complicated app in order to play this game.

Betting Options and Payout

Frankenstein is one of those games that is ideal for all types of casino players where the minimum bet is 0.20 when all 20 pay lines are activated and the maximum is 100. These different betting options is great for us players.

There are ten different levels and six different coin values between 0.01 and 0.50 are available in the control panel and there are a variety of currencies to play with. The payouts in this slot are great!

Slot Review

With Frankenstein for online casino you get a chance to enjoy a fantastic slot machine from NetEnt. As with Scarface and Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein has also been developed alongside with Universal Studios. Thanks to this collaboration, the team of developers at NetEnt managed to create one of the most innovative casino games for casino online.


What else can you expect from a collaboration between two of the largest entertainment companies in the world, one famous for their amazing movies, while the other is definitely the leading online slot machine provider in the world.