Dazzle Me from Net Entertainment Slot Review

Do you want the best free spins bonus at a great slot machine? Are you ready to get dazzled? The Dazzle Me slots machine from Net Entertainment really is a colourful explosion, but despite the joy and flair it does also invite to some hefty winnings. With 76 paylines combined, a completely different wheel design and fun features you can win up to €150 000 from just one spin.

Dazzle Me do have a number of exciting special features that are well worth a closer look at. One of Dazzle Me's special features called Dazzling Wild Reels. It is designed as a dazzling turquoise and diamond is the game's wild symbol. The Wilds symbol can appear randomly on any of the five reels, and then replaces all other symbols. It makes Dazzling Wild Reels extra special is that they can expand them selves, and thus cover all the lines in one wheel.

If you manage to get a wheel full of Dazzle Me Reels symbols have you to say the least a great position to win really big prizes! On Casinomir you can as always find online casinos handing out free spins on all the interesting slots games from NetEnt and other developers.

Theme and Graphics

Dazzle Me is a slots game from Net Entertainment, filled with joy and pleasure. All the colorful animations and the sounds effect really contribute to maintain that feeling. When entering the game you will be cheered up immediately and it is definitely one of the most happy and positive slot games on the online casino market.

Gameplay and Symbols

The symbols are made up gemstones, where the red and purple are worth the most followed by the green and turquoise that also share the same value. Out of the other symbols, the watch worth most follows the seven and you will also get paid for the two identical symbols.

For the gemstones, you are only paid for three to five identical. The diamond works as wilds and will always filled over the entire wheel as it shuffled on. All wheels on all lines can be wilds but they appear only in the main game. In the bonus round, which is a free-spin round can, however, no wilds appear but instead the wheels can get caught up in each other, you can read more about that in the next paragraph.

The purpose of the Dazzle Me is as the title hints on, to dazzle us. We're guessing that NetEnt would dazzle us both with the graphics and the game play. The theme of the game is really cool. The game mixes elements from classic slots with features found only in newer video slots. It is clear that Dazzle Me as a "package" is a solid production. The more classical element is illustrated with bells, gemstones and Sevens.

Dazzle Me have five reels, which is standard in video slots. What isn't standard is the height of the wheels. The wheels are asymmetrical with the lower wheels to the left and higher wheels to the right. It is possible to draw some parallels to famous slots from Williams Interactive, including Zeus and Zeus III, and we're guessing that the senior game makers have looked a bit at the American game manufacturer's creations. Anyway, it is the first time Net Entertainment has experimented with asymmetric wheels.

Mobile Slot

Dazzle Me is a fun and innovative videoslot that can be found in many online casinos game selection. Since mobile casino has become very big over the last number of years, there are of course options for the players to now play Dazzle Me in their phones or other mobile devices.

The phone casino experience when you play Dazzle Me is really exciting, much thanks to the nice touch features from NetEnt.The Dazzle Me slot from Net Entertainment does have 76 paylies and a RTP of 96,9%. The game does have 5 reels and the minimum coins per line are one, whereas the maximum is 10. The minimum coin size is €0,01 and the maximum is €1.

Betting Options and Payout

The Dazzle Me slot from Net Entertainment does have 76 paylies and a RTP of 96,9%. The game does have 5 reels and the minimum coins per line are one, whereas the maximum is 10. The minimum coin size is €0,01 and the maximum is €1.

Slot Review

Dazzle Me is a fun and inviting slots game with a massive upside and no real downsides. The game really lights up a boring day and despite it’s quite simple design it does contain some extra fun features.

Dazzle Me is a bit of a milestone in Net Ent’s slot development. It is the first time it has departed from its usual idea of how a slot should look like. It's an exciting thing, but it remains to be seen whether this is a success. The special features are innovative and we're guessing that the resemblance to Twin Spin automatically will make the game more or less popular. You can find it at many new casino sites.

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