Butterfly Staxx from Net Entertainment Slot Review

The Butterfly Staxx game is made by NetEnt, and, as this is one of the touch-phone games from the developer, it is best enjoyed on a smartphone or tablet. It can be played online too; so, if you like your slots on the bigger laptop or PC screen, you can get your fix from this video slot.

The game has a bright and colourful look. With fun graphics and calming music, it’s a relaxing way to play slots and have a go at getting some big winnings. Here, we take a look at one of the best video slots in our online guide to the Butterfly Staxx slot game. Ready to start playing? Find an online casino site and sign up now!

Theme and Graphics

The butterfly theme of the game is presented in the form of golden butterflies on the reels, and the butterfly-chrysalis-covered reels in the bonus spin round.


The Butterfly Staxx game background features subtle colours and fireflies that float around the screen as you spin the reels. The colours and graphics make this game stand out from others; the beautiful flowers and butterflies make this a magical slot game to play. The soundtrack is a pleasant and unobtrusive melody that fits nicely with the overall look and feel of this online slot game.

Gameplay and Symbols

The Butterfly Staxx slot game reels are covered in letters, tropical flowers and, as you would expect, butterflies. These golden insects flutter as they appear on the play area, and, if you get a butterfly, it will fly on over to the left side of the reels.


The butterfly will give you a re-spin; if you get more on the next spin they will move over to the left side of the game area too. These butterflies will keep gathering until the re-spin ends and leave you with multiple wins.


There are wild symbols of bright yellow and red flowers, and these will replace any symbol on the screen apart from scatter.


The scatter symbols activate free spins, and these magical spins take you to reels covered in cocoons that can open up to reveal butterflies. These act in the same way as they do in the main game, flying to the left to cover the reels and sticking there until the free spins end for multiple bonuses.

Mobile Slot

The Butterfly Staxx slot game is a NetEnt Touch game, meaning that it has been designed for use on a mobile device. This is one of the best mobile slot games, as it was always destined for use on a smaller screen. The clean, bright graphics and simple gameplay make it perfect for enjoying on your smartphone or tablet.


The fluttering butterflies that stick to the left side of the reels bring on the big winnings, so, even if you are away from your PC, you can enjoy an exciting video slot game.

Betting Options and Payout

The Butterfly Staxx Touch video slot is a 5-reel game, with 4 rows and 40 pay lines. The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 2.00, allowing for betting options of 0.20 to 400. The maximum payout on a pay line is 600 coins, or a value of 6000, and, with a new pay mechanism not seen on other games, this video slot offers plenty of opportunities for big jackpot winnings.


The Butterfly Re-spin feature activates when a reel is covered in butterflies, either by spinning them or when they land to cover a reel.

Slot Review

The fantasy world of the Butterfly Staxx video slot is adorned with trees and mountains. These clean and bright graphics are excellent on any device, whether PC or smartphone.


These are some of the best mobile slot graphics ever seen on video slot games, and the unique Butterfly re-spin feature and bonus rounds make this an exciting slot game to play.


The chance of big winnings on this slot is increased greatly when you get to the bonus round, with the cocoons and butterflies. Overall the gameplay, graphics quality and soundtrack make this a great choice for some video slot game fun.