Asgardian Stones from Net Entertainment Slot Review

The launch of this stunning game is expected on 22nd February 2018, but for now we can safely say that it will be another truly awesome gaming experience from Swedish giants NetEnt. A new game from NetEnt is always a welcome treat, and we’ve come to expect a lot from the creative team – excellent graphics, exciting and engaging game elements and the possibility of big winnings. We’re already excited for launch day!

Theme and Graphics

As the title of this game suggests, the roots of the game can be found somewhere in Nordic mythology and this could provide some clues for us to predict what the game is going to look like. Production of graphics might be related to the imagination of heroes and gods, as well as giants and dwarves. In Nordic mythology, Asgard one of the kingdoms of the gods, home to Odin and containing the realm on Valhalla. Here we can find all sorts of mythical wonders, all set in a kingdom of bright meadows, flowing streams and dark woods. The Asgardian realm is also gaining popularity in the modern world due to the recent series of films from the Marvel Comics universe.


In the kingdom of Asgard, we find courageous gods and warriors who do battle for the forces of good, so this game should appeal to those of us who want to feel heroic. NetEnt took this theme, popularised by Marvel, and turned it into a video slot game. Marvel superhero action movies feature some of the most memorable characters on screen, such as Thor and his famous hammer, which could be one of the bonus symbols of this game. We should not underestimate the power of his hammer, which can cause lightning storms and hurricanes with its power. Once this game is launched, the earth will shake, and you are going to feel it too.

Gameplay and Symbols

Many online casinos are offering free spins in NetEnt's new release, so we are already excited to see a variety of Asgardian Stones in action, and hopefully reward us well! Correct use of the 'Free Spin' can really put you on a strong foothold for the game ahead. We cannot yet say for sure that the Asgardian Stones slot will contain any bonus game, but we can count on different features. NetEnt has a good track record of providing new, stimulating features to capture the players imagination and attention.

Asgardian Stones will be a game full of dynamics, action and power. As with Marvel movies, we can expect a lot of mysteries and surprising moments, of course in a good way. The theme of this game will be surrounded by the power of the Nordic gods. Thor and his hammer are sure to be represented in some way, and his cheeky brother Loki could also make an appearance. The launch of this game is sure to cause shockwaves and leave many other games in the dust.

Mobile Slot

NetEnt will also release a version available on mobile, iOS and Android, as well as on tablet. All you need to do is go to an online casino sites that provides the game, once a list of these sites is available closer to the release date. Most of the top casinos provide an option that will allow you to try the game in 'Play' mode, which means you don't have to spend a penny on the game just yet; allowing you to trial, practice and hone your skills before you do it for real.

Betting Options and Payout

If we compare this slot with other ones from Net Entertainment the payout is really good. In addition to this the RTP is very high which is something that is very important.

Slot Review

Until more is known about this slot, we are stuck speculating. However, we’re confident that NetEnt will pull it out of the bag again with this creative offering. Keep your eyes peeled for further information as the release date gets closer.