Aliens from Net Entertainment Slot Review

Do you want a really great free spins bonus? Aliens, the slots machine is an exciting and greatly designed exciting videoslot based on the movie with the same from 1986. It is officially licensed in collaboration with 20th Century Fox. If you are a fan of sci-fi and horror theme or just happen to enjoy the classic movie, this game is definitely something for you. The Aliens slots game does have 15 paylines and 5 reel slots. The videoslot pays back 96,4 % on average (RTP).

The game do have a lot more than just it’s movie theme and is definitely one of the first slot machine games you want to try if you’re new to online casino games. The graphics and in-game functions are breathtaking and surprisingly well made. The game does not at all try to profit from it’s name and would definitely be a game well worth mentioning even if it didn’t have the official license form the exciting horror movie made some 20 years ago.

Theme and Graphics

Just the introduction when you enter this exciting slots game called Aliens from NetEnt will most likely take your breath away. The graphics and animations are of top quality and they actually do scare you a little. The graphics look to be picked from a computer game directly into the film's own universe and it is clear how much work that has been put in to achieve this.

The game is a mix of real-time animation and traditional slot games. The game has an exciting, dark and gloomy atmosphere that really is reminiscent of the Alien films. The music is also well composed and perfectly suited to the theme.

It does really create a special atmosphere that makes this game stand out in the crowd. After a few spins with the music turned on, you will most definitely be as excited about playing the game as you would be watching the movie. The only difference? You can actually win money by playing the game.

Gameplay and Symbols

The Alien Slots game from the developers NetEnt consists of three different levels or game modes:

Level 1: The Search: In this mode the player gets introduced to the Alien and its activities. The wilds you collect are added to a meter and once its full you do proceed to level 2. In this stage you will be introduced to the game and what it is about, but you can still make some nice profits if you manage to hit the right symbols on one of the wheels.

Level 2: The Encounter: In the middle-level called the Encounter all your multipliers from level one are doubled and you will be trying to reach the third level of game play. Here you will get even deeper into the slots game from NetEnt and it’s theme.

Level 3: The Hive: The third and last level is the aim of the game and of course also the level that pays out the best winnings. You collect Ammo Clips that gives you 5 free spins each. You will also get multipliers ranging from x1 to x10. Here you really get the chance of winnings some nice winnings and you will also have the most exciting experience you can get from playing slots online this year.

The lower the symbols represented by faces in various stages of development, but since they are all ordered by colour, we count them rather than separates them. The higher symbols represent different variations on Xenomorphs, the monsters that usually just are called "Aliens" in this context.

Mobile Slot

Alien is despite its high standards of graphic requirements perfectly adapted to all mobile devices. No matter whether you use an iOS device such as iPad or iPhone or Android phone from one of the most popular developers, you will be able to play the game and access all features, no matter where you are located.

Playing mobile slots is today one of the most popular mobile based games this year and thanks to the new devices and their ground breaking technology means that the possibilities are almost unlimited. Nowdays you can play on any device almost anywhere which makes playing more fun and winning much easier.

Far gone are the days of static playing ahead of a machine or a desktop computer. Everything is mobile nowadays and so is online casino!

Betting Options and Payout

The Aliens slot game from NetEnt does have 15 pay lines and five reels. Minimum and maximum coins per line are 1 and 10. The minimum stake per line is €0,01 and the maximum is €1, which makes the maximum stake €15 per spin.

The RTP on this slot machine is 96,4 %, which means the percentage that is being paid back to the players on average. It usually ranges between 92 and 97 %, so 96,4 % must be regarded as a very generous payback level. This is one of the highest percentages that can be found online today and this adds on to the benefits of playing Aliens slots game online.

Compare the slot game payout to many other games about money and you will soon realize why playing slots online is such as great alternative to other offline and online gambling options. The winnings will keep coming and on each spin you have a great chance to become the next online jackpot winner.

Slot Review

Some of the officially licensed games from NetEnt and Microgaming based on movies have been a little bit disappointing but this ultra-modern slot machine does not leave anyone disappointed.

The gamification with the different levels of play combined with the other fun features and the exciting graphics really makes the Alien slot game from Net Entertainment one of the favourite games of Casinomir. You will find it in most modern online casinos and what is better than to get started with a generous no deposit bonus or free spins offer on one of your partner sites?