Updated: September 12, 2019

Wacky Panda from Microgaming Slot Review

So, it’s not really surprising that there are not too many Panda-themed slots around nowadays to enjoy. Microgaming have managed to get their own version of a game released just prior to Christmas. It is called Wacky Panda and it is a retro-styled slot game that is pared back to the very essence of slot gaming.

Forget Wilds, forget Scatters and randomly triggered bonus games, or even pic'em games. This is slot gaming as it used to be, one pay line, three reels and no other distractions other than the symbols on the reels.

Can such a game work in the modern slot industry when choice and bonus features seem to be crammed into every game release? Take a closer look and find out more at CasinoMir.com.

Slot Information

Name Wacky Panda
Software Microgaming
Slot Type Video Slot

Game Information

Autoplay No
Bonus Game No
Free Spins No
Multiplier No
Progressive No
Scatter Symbol No
Wild Symbol No

Wacky Panda Game Review

The setting of the Wacky Panda slot is a rather picturesque east Asian setting with a bamboo forest to the left of the screen and a rather beautiful waterfall to the right. The slots are just off centre to the left of the screen with the pay table displayed permanently on the right. The slot comes complete with some rather nice Asian-themed music which acts as a perfect accompaniment to the slot.

What is immediately apparent is that the design of the slot is very much as a retro game and this is confirmed by the absence of many of what we would now call ‘standard’ features on the slot, such as a Wild Symbol or a Free Spins bonus game. Indeed, what you have here with Wacky Panda is a slot stripped back to its bare essentials, which is just spinning the reels to win cash with no other distractions.

Of course, whether this style of game suits you will depend on your view of slots. If you want a modern game packed with features, then Wacky Panda will probably not float your boat, but if you enjoy more retro, simplistic styled slots then Wacky Panda is a fabulous game to try.

What is on the reels?

There are just eight different symbols on the reels in the Wacky Panda slot. The lowest value symbols are the three fruit symbols, which are the bunch of grapes (20 coins), bananas (25 coins) and melon (30 coins).

There is also an assortment of five different Pandas on the reels who are all doing something suitably ‘wacky’, although what that is, isn’t particularly clear. The slot is designed with an eastern feel and it does have a look of a Japanese-style cartoon to it. Fortunately, each Panda has its own colour too and it is probably easier to describe them this way.

  • The brown and blue Pandas offer payouts of 40 coins and 60 coins respectively,
  • The Purple is a 120 coins win,
  • Yellow is a 300 coins win,
  • Orange Panda with the Melon on his head (no we don’t know why that is either, other than he is truly wacky), is the highest value win with 1,000 coins won when you wager 1 coin.

However, you can elect to wager one, two or three coins per spin and when you do the value of each win increases accordingly, although if you wager three coins the size of the biggest jackpot increases from 3,000 up to 3,333 coins

Furthermore, if you land one or two of the highest value Panda’s on the first reels then you win 10 coins for one 15 coins for two with one coin wagered. This is a regular pay out on the slot.

What you will see is that while this slot does not have many features, the value of the wins is huge compared to some other games and for that reason alone, Wacky Panda is one slot you should take a close look at.

Wild features

Wacky Panda is one of few modern releases that does not have aa Wild symbol active on the reels as it is more a retro-styled game with a few modern touches.

Best feature of the Wacky Panda slot

Based on a few customer reviews of the Wacky Panda slot which have called it ‘disappointing’ for not having too many features, but we think that there is a perfectly solid slot game here.

Sure it doesn’t have all the bonus features you would get from a modern 5-reel slot, but what you have here is slot gaming as it used to be and there are plenty of old nostalgia hunters (like me) who remember when games like this were the norm and it is nice to revisit them from time to time.

Especially when the payout values of the slot are so generous as they are on the Wacky Panda slot and it is this feature which is the most striking aspect of the slot. Even the lowest value win is 10 times your total bet and that is massive compared to most modern games.


If you are looking for a modern slot game available at a great casino site, then forget Wacky Panda. This is slot gaming taken back to a bygone age, but just take a look at the pay table and tell me that this isn’t a value slot to play?

With the lowest value win being 10x your bet, this is a slot which can pay out handsomely, especially if you wager the maximum three coins per spin. Fans of lower variance slots who want a simple, retro-styled game won’t find any more enjoyable than Wacky Panda.