Phantom of the Opera from Microgaming Slot Review

Close your eyes and start a journey through a strange, new world. Well, maybe keep your eyes open, but playing this slot will make any musical fan think of these lines and the dramatic melodies that went with it. Find a complete list over new casinos UK here.

The Phantom of the Opera slot, based on the timeless tale of the monstrous menace that haunted the theatre halls, famously portrayed by Gerard Butler in the 2004 Andrew Lloyd Webber production, is a real treat for both the period drama fanatic as well as the adventurous gamer. Definitely not your generic run of the mill slot, Phantom of the Opera, brought to you by the industry leaders at Microgaming, is a real feast for the senses.

Theme and Graphics

The idea of translating a timeless Broadway classic, and big-budget, high-grossing blockbuster into a slot might have looked like an impossible feat, but Microgaming took its time to really bring the musical fantasy to life, and ticked all the right boxes with the Phantom of the Opera slot.

It only takes those few fateful notes, and dazzlingly beautiful yet dark and sinister-looking graphics, to intoxicate players with sweet sensation, and transport them into a whole new era of thrilling drama that pairs so wonderfully with the adrenaline rush of slots. A true match made in heaven.

Gameplay and Symbols

Just as one would expect from any Microgaming slot, Phantom of the Opera contains some really dramatic surprises and bonus features. The base game alone contains a random that can pay up to 20x the initial bet, and a Chandelier bonus feature that makes the reels go in a crazy frenzy, sometimes activating up to 3 at once!

The excitement doesn’t end there, however, with 3 more additional bonus features - aptly named Music of the Night, Masquerade Pick Bonus and All I Ask of You Free Spins - all with potentially wondrous rewards. We list all the best free spins no wagering requirements offers at our site.

Mobile Slot

As with the majority of Microgaming slots, there is a supported mobile version available, meaning players can take the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic with them wherever they go, whenever they go, not having to worry about missing a beat.

The mobile version of the slot is pretty decent, as one would expect from the leading provider. That said, you’ll really want to keep a pair of headphones handy, because the music is so much a part of what makes this game.

Betting Options and Payout

The betting odds and potential payout on this baby are huge. The medium variance slot may not offer a continuous stream of wins. However, although not as frequent, the wins that players do make are honestly worth your while. Not only are the game and bonus play more than balanced, there is also the possibility of earning back 7733x the original bet with the 4x multiplier. Now those are odds to really get excited about.

Slot Review

We’re really impressed at this offering from Microgaming, who are, lest we forget, the original casino software providers. The idea of pairing a slot with a movie or TV show isn’t new – Microgaming have already brought us Jurassic World and Game of Thrones slots – but teaming up with a legendary musical brings an extra element and is especially attractive to fans of the genre.


The final credit is that Phantom of the Opera is a hugely entertaining and charmingly original slot. The premium graphics, varied game play and exciting bonuses make it a real contender in the online slot industry. The dark theme and award-winning tunes, however, are the major selling points that will surely make it a quick favourite amongst players new and old. We have a complete list over all the best online casinos.