Lost Vegas from Microgaming Slot Review

Are you looking for the best free spins no deposit UK? We list them all. If you love horror and zombies then you will love Microgaming's new game: Lost Vegas Slot!

Theme and Graphics

We list all the best online casino free bonus no deposit casino offers at our site. Microgaming is one of the world's leading companies when it comes to producing games for casino. Since its inception, the company has sprained massively with top-class slots. And believe it or not. Microgaming has done it again. This time it's about a game with Zombie theme in the form of Lost Vegas. The name Lost Vegas has been the game when the action takes place in the casino metropole Las Vegas where blood threats Zombies took over the city. In Lost Vegas, you can choose a player, either human or Zombies.

Gameplay and Symbols

Before starting the game, select the page. Survior Mode or Zombie Mode. Survior Mode includes Free Spins with Stash function and Zombie Mode: Free Spins with Infection function. You can choose to switch "Mode" at any time during the game. To do this at the top of the screen, click Play Zombies or Play Survivors.


The two bonus features in the game are triggered randomly when you have not won anything on your spin. The Zombie Fist of Clash feature gives you a "cash bonus" and the Blackout Bonus feature gives you cash at high-value symbols. As mentioned above, Lost Vegas has not only one but two free spins modes. One in Survivor Mode and one in Zombie Mode. With some flax you can win a lot of money in these free spins modes!


Both Lost Vegas free spins modes are triggered if you get up three Scatter symbols. In Survivor Mode's free spins mode, all symbols of lower value are replaced by different cash prizes, and in Zombie Mode there is a function called Infection where one or more wheels can infect the rest of the playing field and thus yield juicy profits! In the Zombie Mode Free spins mode, it rolls on until everyone on the playing field is infected. In total you can get up to 50 free spins!


Playing casino for free has become more and more popular. Many players use the demo game to get a clear overview of how they really work. For those who want to play Lost Vegas for free, this goes well. All you have to do is surf into a Microgaming casino and choose Lost Vegas. Then, just start playing with fun!

Mobile Slot

As we move towards an increasingly "mobile" society, casino games in mobile phones have become increasingly popular. Today's modern mobile phones and tablets make it possible to get the same awesome gaming experience there as in a computer. In conjunction with the launch of Lost Vegas, Microgaming will also release a mobile version of the game. This means you will be able to play Lost Vegas on mobile and tablet! Perfect for those who are often on your way!

Betting Options and Payout

Game Developer Microgaming's new slot: Lost Vegas is a 5-reel slot and 243 pay lines, two bonus features and 2 free spins modes. In Lost Vegas you can choose between Survivor Mode where people try to avoid Zombies or Zombie Mode where bloodthirsty zombies are looking for people.

Slot Review

The majority of Microgaming games are high class and Lost Vegas is no exception. The graphics and gameplay are top and in terms of the game's layout, this feels like this. Of course, you can miss a fat jackpot and a real bonus game, but this is not something we're up for. The two different bonus features combined with two free spin modes raise Lost Vegas to higher heights! This is a slot that you really cannot miss! Try Lost Vegas today, we promise you will not be disappointed, maybe just "infected" by Zombies!