Jurassic World from Microgaming Slot Review

We list all the best free spins deals at our site! There is no interactive bonus track in Jurassic World Slot that you start by, for example, getting up to three or more bonus symbols. But there are a lot of other exciting features of course, these we will review because in this review. If you are looking forward to tucking in one or a few slots with amazingly awesome bonus games, we recommend that you span our great guide on this topic. Here we have more or less clipped all our favorite slots in terms of bonus games and fun free spins rounds. Spend it all in!

Theme and Graphics

Find a complete list over online casino real money no deposit here. At last, this one is! Jurassic World Online Slot from Microgaming! As we have been looking forward to this game! You are probably familiar with the phenomenon of Jurassic Park - the big movie that premiered over 20 years ago. Jurassic World is the sequel to the success and the film was premiered in the summer of 2015. Now we have a smoking new slot in this theme - a collaboration between Universal Studios and Microgaming. Join our review as we look at the Jurassic World Slot to see what the game has for exciting things to offer.

Gameplay and Symbols

Free spins, on the other hand, are good at Jurassic World Slot! In fact, here we find three different free spins modes! To enable them, you must receive at least three scatter symbols (mosquitoes) and then one of the three free spins mode will be activated randomly. Note, however, that once you have successfully activated Free Spins mode 15 times, you will then choose the Free Spins Mode if you turn it on again after that!


Gyrosphere Valley

Here you will get 10 free spins with an increasing multiplier. This begins with x2 and increases every time you do not get a profit. Once you get a win, it will reset it again. The position can only end with a winning spin!


Creation Lab

Here too you get 10 free spins, but now with so-called "Rolling Reels". The winning symbols are removed to accommodate new symbols. Rolling Reels can give you several wins on the rake.


Raptor Den

This mode gives you 10 free spins as well, but with additional wild symbols. All scatter symbols and joker symbols act as wilds, and these will also be held to give you more free spins. After collecting three or more scatters in this mode you will get five new free spins.

Mobile Slot

Because Microgaming is one of the leading companies in the market within its genre, it would be very strange if they brought out a new game that could not be played on the phone! Crunchy, yes! But luckily Microgaming is not very freaky, the Jurassic World Slot goes on to play on the phone and tablet. The chances to win in the mobile are as big as in the computer, it's probably more a matter of taste, what you prefer.

Betting Options and Payout

The game offers 5 reels, 3 lines and 243 different pay lines. Since Jurassic World Slot is a result of Microgaming and Universal Collaboration, all symbols are taken directly from the movie. This means that we will find all sorts of dinosaurs and main characters in the film. It is the Jurassic World log which is joker / wild and this replaces all symbols except the scatter symbol. In Jurassic World Slot up to 10 joker symbols can be stacked on each other if you are lucky and the more jokers - the greater the chance of winning!


An exciting and cruel function that we must definitely not mention is the so-called Indominus feature. This means that Indominus Rex can appear completely randomly in the bass game and boost your winnings by up to 1000 times the total bet! Gosh! It is probably here that the big winning chances are given, because you read more well under the fact that in Jurassic World Slot you can win a total of 5,100,000 coins.

Slot Review

Jurassic World Slot is a game of high class and when both graphics, function and background music converge in the same way as in this game, it will not be all right. When games like Just Jurassic World Slot are to be released, expectations are quite high and then we must admit: We were not disappointed! Expectations were quite reasonable.