Goldwyns Fairies from Microgaming Slot Review

We list all the best casino bonus deals at our site! You can get free spins at Goldwyn's Fairies Slot! If the free spins symbol appears on the reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time, you win 10 free spins. 9 of them have "Return Wild" and 1 free spins are called "Final Free Spin". We will review these features further down the review.

Theme and Graphics

We list all the best new casinos at our site! Enter into a magic and fabulous world filled with massive sweet fairies! In Microgaming's new slot game "Goldwyn's Fairies Slot" you will be able to visit an enchanted forest where four fairies from different seasons are waiting to welcome you! If Fairy Queen Goldwyn decides to join and play then you will be rewarded! In this review, we have looked at Goldwyn's Fairies Slot more closely - keep in mind if you want to know more about playing Goldwyn's Fairies Slot in the best possible way!

Gameplay and Symbols

You might wonder if you will be able to play Goldwyn's Fairies Slot with free spins that you get from a casino? This is no impossibility at all! Look out at the casinos around May 17th - the probability is quite that some of them will at least celebrate the Goldwyn's Fairies Slot launch! This with just free spins. How nice it would be with a growing jackpot, there's nothing we can find in Goldwyn's Fairies Slot.


Climbing into an enchanted forest filled with fairies is absolutely no new perception. But we would actually dare to say that this is after all a theme you can not get tired of! We all wish we could have visited such a forest - sometime! But now they exist only in the world of the sagas and we are grateful when game developers like Microgaming invite us to such fabulous environments!


There are three different wild symbols in Goldwyn's Fairies Slot. It's "Classic Wild", "Re-Spin Wild" and "Free Spin Wild". The latter two can appear on any reel during re-spin mode and free spin mode. However, not under what is called "Final Re-Spin" and "Final Free Spin". The wild symbols replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol.


If a re-spin wild shows up on reel 3, you will be rewarded to end up in re-spin mode. There is the "Return Wild" feature. If a "Classic Wild" pops up during re-spin mode, it turns into a "Return Wild". The re-spin mode will continue until no more re-spin wilds appear. Then you will be rewarded with a "Final Re-Spin".

Mobile Slot

You can play Goldwyn's Fairies Slot in your mobile or tablet. iPhone, iPad or Android does not matter! Today, basically, it's not possible to create new games and then not offer them in smaller formats. The mobiles are our constant successors, and it makes more and more people demand games in the mobile phone. It's both smooth and practical!

Betting Options and Payout

Goldwyn's Fairies Slot is played on 5 reels, 3 lines and with 20 regular game lines. Since we have not tested the game yet but only have written information to go on, we do not actually know which coin values ​​are available to choose from yet. What we know, however, is what you can bet the most in Goldwyn's Fairies Slot and it's about $ 2,500.

Slot Review

This is a fun and exciting slot machine that we would like to recommend to all of our players. Don’t forget to use free spins when you play in order to maximize your chances of winning a lot of money.