Forbidden Throne from Microgaming Slot Review

We list all the best free spins deals at our site! In Microgaming's "Forbidden Throne" Slot Machine, we get into a beautiful and captivating world, a bit in class with Game of Thrones in any way. It feels magical, exciting and mysterious at the same time. In this review, we have taken a closer look at Forbidden Throne Slot - Hold on to find out more!

Theme and Graphics

Find a complete list over real money casino for Android and iPhone here. With Forbidden Throne Castle we get into a beautiful but also a dark world. For those who have seen Game of Thrones, it's not right not to drag the parallel there! On the whole, Forbidden Throne Slot is quite simple, but what makes the game a little extra fun is the wild feature.

It is the case that one or even more wheels are joker wheels under both the bass game and the free spins mode. That means that at least one wheel constantly is wild! It's not badly thought of by Microgaming, we appreciate this highly! You can not miss wildlife, it's a beautiful bird, a beautiful horse and two female warriors!

Gameplay and Symbols

Free spins, on the other hand, are in Forbidden Throne Slot, yeay! To enable Forbidden Throne Slot free spins mode, you must receive at least three scatter symbols. The symbol represents a golden object that is slightly difficult to define, but it looks like a spinning coin or something! Three such symbols give you 10 free spins, four symbols give you 20 free spins and all five symbols give you 30 free spins. You can reactivate the free spins round if you manage to get enough scatters again!

If you are considering playing Forbidden Throne Slot with free Forbidden Throne Slot free spins you get from a casino then you're thinking about the right paths. However, we have not yet spun on any such, but it does not hurt to see and hear of it. Check out your casino, where you've planned to play Forbidden Throne Slot, if they have any special free spins deals on the game. If not, contact the customer service! Maybe they are a bit extra sneaky today and can imagine a couple! If they say no, no harm has occurred.

Mobile Slot

You can play Forbidden Throne Slot in your mobile or tablet without any problems. It does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Smooth and good if you're on the move and can not help with the computer that takes a lot of space in comparison.

Betting Options and Payout

Before you start spinning the wheels, you should set the coin value (€ 0.01 to 0.50) and how many coins you want to bet (1 to 10). This allows you to spend the most around 200 euro per spin and at least about 4 euro.

In addition to free spins and wild, the Forbidden Throne Slot does not actually offer any other special features. However, we are pleased to have the honor of having at least one wild-wheel with underneath each spin - it makes the lock stand out a little in the crowd!

Slot Review

The first thing we beat when we started Forbidden Throne Slot was that this is an incredibly beautiful and stylish and well-made slot. That we then have at least one wheel of wildlife throughout the game time is nothing we can complain about. But for some reason, it all feels like a little cheeky thin.

We would love to see another feature. It's a little sad to "throw away" such a nice castle with so much fun features. But the taste is like the beacon! We may have to be alone to like this, test the game yourself and decide!