Bridesmaids from Microgaming Slot Review

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Bridesmaids are certainly a slot for those who like both the movie - and free spins! Perfect match, you could call it! If you have not seen the movie but still like free spins, then this lock will be able to entertain you anyway! In Bridesmaids Online Slot there are two different free spins modes / features.

The first is called "Friendship" and you get 10 free spins and the winnings are paid from both left and right. In addition, the free spin can be reactivated during the round. See the picture a little further down!

The second free spins round is called "Fly high" and even there you win 10 free spins. However, here you also play with something called Growing Wilds and Rolling Reels where the former feature means you gradually get more wild symbols on the reels and Rolling Reels means you can play home winnings on several turns in a row.

Theme and Graphics

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When we talk bonuses and Bridesmaids, we get into the game's features. In Bridesmaids Online Slot there are a variety of bonus features, actually more than many other slots have! Here we will find two different free spins rounds, two different bonus games and wild symbols that can be stacked all over the wheel. Does it sound exciting? It is!

Gameplay and Symbols

In addition to these free spins features built into the game itself, you can play Bridesmaids with free spins as you are awarded by a casino. It is common for many casinos to hand out free spins when new players register. It's a great opportunity to get a free casino bonus and then use it to play just the game you're interested in - totally free!

Be sure to read the rules and terms of the bonuses and free spins at the casino as it differs from casino to casino. Some of them make sure that these free slots are linked to a specific slot chosen by the casino, and unfortunately you cannot use the free spins on Just Bridesmaids, unless it is the slot chosen by the casino!

In Bridesmaids there is no growing jackpot lying and ticking and waiting for her next lucky big winner. Having said that, that does not mean that a brilliant slant cannot be won in Bridesmaids. The highest profit that can be combated here is unbelievable 105,000 coins. If you have chosen the highest coin value, then it goes without saying that it will be a pretty nice win! Bridesmaids is the movie about Lillian's wedding and her friends and bridesmaids. It's all six main characters that the movie is about, and all these girls are represented in the Bridesmaids game of course!

Bridesmaids are not like any other slot machines. Here we have 5 reels and instead of classic 3 lines, there are actually 4 rows on the game screen. There are also quite a few bet lines, a total of 40. You choose which coin value you want to play in, 10 pennies up to 10 crowns. The bet levels you can choose from are 1-15.

Mobile Slot

If you're on the go or think it's hard to pull your computer every time you play, you can play it on your mobile phone. The format is small, simple and smooth. If you want to play Bridesmaids on your mobile, it's great, the game works in your iPhone and iPad as well as in your Android device!

Betting Options and Payout

In the Bridesmaids slot there is a wild symbol that has the shape of the game's log and this replaces all other symbols except scatter. This symbol may come in long bars and because there are 40 wins, these nice bars can generate a lot of nice winnings! We also have a classic scatter symbol in Bridesmaids, which has the shape of a cupcake. If you get 3 or more such mum bits, you will be rewarded with a bonus game.

Slot Review

Some may surely believe that you have to watch the movie to appreciate Bridesmaids Online Slot but the fact is that this is a fun game anyway.

Considering all the features of the game, this is a slot that offers nice entertainment and surprises also for the player who is not familiar with the Bridesmaids movie. Then, of course, the snap becomes clearer if you have seen it and enjoy the characters because they are the symbols in this slot machine.

Bridesmaids are simply a slot based on a movie at its best. Microgaming has not let this theme be the only entertainment, but built not only one without multiple bonus rounds, free spins and other fun! Good job Microgaming!