Mamma Mia from Betsoft Slot Review

Mamma Mia is a game with five reels and thirty paylines designed by BetSoft. Released in 2011, it has no connection with the famous Hollywood movie. Rather, it is inspired by an Italian restaurant with a chubby Italian chef in the kitchen. The chef asks for your help spinning, in order to come up with masterpieces for his demanding critics - and you get rewarded for your spinning help of course.

Theme and Graphics

Themed around an Italian world-class chef and his cooking, Mamma Mia is designed with absorbing 3D graphics. The kitchen and all the symbols appear in 3D, along with the animations for completed combinations. The mild sound track in the background, coupled with the sound effects of the wonderful chef, as you spin and or win a line is soothing and brings the cooking to life.

Gameplay and Symbols

Mamma Mia is an extremely easy to play slot game, even for rookies. The game has symbols related to the kitchen theme, which include characters such as a mirror, the critics, the chef, the waiter, the plate rack, the newspaper etc. The mirror symbol is the Wild of this game and it can substitute anything except the critic's note, plate cover and the pizza, as these are the bonus symbols.

Mobile Slot

Since the game was released some years ago in 2011, it has been optimized to play on every platform, including mobile device. At the time of its release, it was compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones, and as technology evolved in the device industry, the game was updated to keep up with the most recent OS updates. Mamma Mia will play on your device regardless of its screen resolution.

Betting Options and Payout

Mamma Mia gives you the opportunity to pick your coin value ranging from 0.02 to 0.50. At the same time, players can wager between one and five credits per line. Playing all thirty paylines gives you the opportunity to land a win of a 150 credits. Playing at the highest coin size at the maximum wager gives you a good prospect of winning a huge jackpot worth 12,500 credits.

Slot Review

Mamma Mia has so much on offer, with many options to satisfy the tastes of most players. With free spin bonuses and game bonuses add-ons, this game is incredibly enjoyable, even more so when the bonuses symbols appear. On the flip side, this game is not cheap to play, but with larger combinations, come bigger rewards. However overall, this Mamma Mia game is worth playing and has great winning potential.