Black Gold from Betsoft Slot Review

This Black Gold slots game from BetSoft may never be able to change the world, that is certain, but its graphics and animations are excellent and astonishing, even by today's standards. However, the gameplay and payouts of Black Gold have much to be desired. It does not differ a lot from any of the other BetSoft games, and there is not really anything that makes it special. Find a complete list over free spins with no deposit win real money here.

Theme and Graphics

The theme is all about gathering oil. In the background, you can see a desert with a lot of oil pumps. The graphics and animations are great, even by today's standard. The graphics are an early form of 3D and the animations are very smooth. The animations are even better than some new games being produced. The music will also make you feel all jolly inside, but it is quite basic.

Gameplay and Symbols

As with a lot of the BetSoft slot games, there is no immediate wild symbol. The barn is the scatter symbol, giving you 8 or more free spins depending on the amount of barn symbols you align. During free spins, the barn becomes a wild symbol and multiplies earnings. The drill is the bonus symbol. If you obtain 3 or more of them, you can pick a drill for a cash prize.

Mobile Slot

The mobile play is very similar to the desktop play. The features are the same, and there are no additional or new special animation or symbols. The music doesn't contain any differences either. It is available for popular devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet. The main con with playing on mobile is that you have to hold your phone horizontally to play this slots game.

Betting Options and Payout

The slot has 5 reels and 30 paylines. You can set how much paylines you want reaching from one to 30. Every time you win, you get a respin on one of the reels. If that reel gives you another win, you get a respin again. That way you can earn big rewards even with small bets. Getting 5 of the highest symbol gives you a 13.3x payout.

Slot Review

Whilst the graphics and animations are amazing, the payout rates of Black Gold are definitely to be desired. Good thing is that the music is pretty impressive. There are a lot of different games out there which definitely top it. What also is a big let down (even though many BetSoft games have this flaw) is that there is no wild symbol. In almost every slots game, you can find one of those.