PayPal Casino UK - Complete Guide Online 2019 PayPal Casino UK - Complete Guide Online 2019

PayPal is an international safe and secure payment method available on many UK Casinos. It provides online money transfers that are faster and more efficient than the more traditional paper methods such as the use of cheques. Established in 1998, it is now one of the biggest internet payment companies in the entire world and is continually expanding its reach.

With its growth has come improvements; new features and functions have been added, and it now offers payment in a huge range of ways, with users being able to pay online sellers, auction sites, casinos and many other commercial enterprises.

PayPal started life as a subsidiary of eBay, the highly popular selling and auction site. However, in 2014 it separated and is now a company. If you play casino with this method, you can many times find extra generous bonuses for UK casino.

Here on Casinomir you can read about how to set up your PayPal account. We guide you to casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method. You can also read about how safe and secure this payment method is. In addition, you can read about the best PayPal slots and exclusive offers available online.

Best UK Casinos that accept PayPal - January 2019

Find Online Casinos that Accept PayPal Find Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted online payment methods. This is due to its simple set up and its speedy and safe transactions. Setting up an account is a straightforward process: simply click on the sign-up button displayed on the home page and follow the instructions. The account is free to create and there are no set up fees. The first step after clicking the button to sign up is to determine whether you need a personal or a business account.

For most people, a personal account is the best option, as this is all they need if they simply wish to indulge in online shopping or send money to family or friends. A business account is used for purposes such as transferring money to a professional service or when an account is set up for use among several people within a company.

The same goes for gambling online, using this payment solution. Once the type of account has been decided upon, you will need to set up an email address to link to the PayPal account and create a password. Users should only link a single email to their account and it should be one that is checked often so that any notifications or transactions will be easily obtainable.

Users will also provide a lot of sensitive banking information to PayPal, so it is important that an appropriate password is created, one that cannot be easily guessed. This means that it is important to create a password with letters, numbers, and upper and lowercase letters to make the password as complex as possible. Look at what new casino sites that offer this sort of possibilities at their website.

Once this is complete, the user is required to provide basic information such as name, date of birth, address and a phone number. These will later be used to authenticate you as a user or to authenticate certain transactions, which simply add to making this a safe transaction platform. The final step in the setup is to connect a bank account and/or a bankcard to the PayPal account. This will then create a link from PayPal to your funds and allow transfers of money. At this point the account is now ready to be used.

On this page we have filtered out the UK casinos in our database that offer PayPal as a payment alternative. It is quick and you can easily use the winnings from casinos for other things very quickly after you spin home a win.
PayPal is among the most trusted payment methods around the world. It is used by millions of people daily for eBay, money transfers and to pay for good and services online.
You must use your personal account for your deposits and withdrawals to and from PayPal Casino sites. This to ensure that your identity is the same on both accounts. This is for your personal security and to make sure everything is correct.
Most casinos will offer plenty of methods including Paypal, bank transfers, credit cards and e-wallets. However the deposit and withdrawal must be made to the same source.
If the account is fully verified, the withdrawals should be instant once they are accepted by the casino. Bank transfers for example, can take between 3-5 days after your withdrawal.
If you made the deposit through PayPal, most casinos would require you to make the withdrawal to the same method. This is not to complicate your life, but to follow gambling commission rules to avoid money laundry and other sorts of economic crime.

How to Make a Casino Deposit with PayPal How to Make a Casino Deposit with PayPal

With the account set up it is a relatively easy process to send and receive money. For people such as family and friends who need to send money to your account directly, all they need is the email address that the account was set up with in the first place.

Users should make sure it is the exact address as the wrong one may end up sending money to someone else. In the same fashion it is possible to send money to other people; again, it is simply necessary to get their specific PayPal email address. Locate the send money button; enter the amount for the email address of the recipient and the money will be sent instantly.

Money can also be requested through PayPal. Clicking on the tool icon will bring up the request money option. As with sending money, simply type in the amount of money required and the email of the person who owes it and press send. They will then get a notification of the amount of money they need to pay, and it serves as a nice reminder to anyone who owes borrowed money for example. If you want to play free casino, you can always use to play free spins casino.

Invoices can also be sent through PayPal. This is useful if you do freelance work or sell items online through platforms such as eBay. Again, in the request Money tab there is an option to create an invoice. Selecting this option will bring up a form that you must fill out with the details of the transaction, including the total amount owed.

There are also options to link PayPal to sites (such as eBay), to sell items more easily and offer customers a secure transaction platform. Any money paid through the account in this fashion will automatically turn up in the PayPal account. There are various methods for linking a PayPal account to different sites but usually it simply requires the PayPal email address and potentially only a few pieces of additional information.

How to use your PayPal Account for Casino How to use your PayPal Account for Casino

Whether it is using PayPal for online shopping or playing at casinos that accept PayPal, the actual PayPal account doesn’t need to have any money in it. The account can be empty, and you can simply draw money from your linked bank account to pay. To do this, simply go to the transfer money option in the account and move the required amount of money from the bank account to PayPal.

With money in the account it is easy to make purchases through any site that has PayPal as a linked platform. A click of a button – Pay with PayPal - is all that is needed, and the resulting form will simply require you to put in your PayPal address to pay. This is much faster than having to put in credit card details time and time again. This is good if you want to deposit money in time for the next roulette spin when playing live casino.

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PayPal Casino Sites in UK PayPal Casino Sites in UK

As mentioned before, money can also get paid into an account for whatever reason. Sometimes you might not want this money in a PayPal account but would rather use it physically. In this instance it is therefore necessary to move the money into your bank account. To do so, simply click on the withdraw money option. Select the amount you wish to withdraw, and make sure that it is to the correct account. The procedure is the same for all online casino sites using PayPal.

The transaction process will usually take a day for it to show up in the account. On occasion, a payment may be made in a different currency which needs to be transferred into the user's home currency. When this occurs, PayPal will simply convert the money using the latest exchange rates. Users should be warned that there are usually a few charges in related to this service, so the exchange rate may not be as high as it could be. It is better to have money sent in the currency of the account owner’s preference.

Safe and Secure Payment Method Safe and Secure Payment Method

Part of PayPal’s popularity comes in the fact that it is safe and secure. Of course, there can always be glitches, but for the most part this is monitored closely. A lot of sensitive data is provided to PayPal by its customers and to make sure this data doesn’t fall into the hands of a third party the site is secure and fully encrypted.

Paying through PayPal is generally less risky than using a credit card because all the details are kept in one place rather than the credit card details being uploaded continuously all over the internet. There are some little things, though, that users can do to ensure that their experience is at the highest security level. Little things, such as keeping the software up-to-date, can really go a long way in aiding protection. Not making transactions on public Wi-Fi and using a debit card instead of a credit card can also help.

The last thing to ensure complete security is to carefully check your emails. There are multiple email scams that attempt to emulate PayPal and other services, tricking customers into giving their details. These emails will usually claim to be from PayPal yet ask for sensitive information such as login details or credit card numbers. PayPal will never ask for this information via an email, so these are to be avoided and can even be reported.

There are also additional security options that users can put in place such as; making sure that any transaction should be approved. This means that if someone does manage to hack the account then there will be an email notification instantly to the proper user to show what transactions have occurred.

The Best PayPal Casinos UK The Best PayPal Casinos UK

Thousands of online businesses use PayPal, and one popular online industry, the gambling industry, also uses it. Not all casinos are a PayPal casino, so players need to check the transaction methods available prior to signing up.

However, most of these sites are casinos that use PayPal, which makes transferring money into a casino account that much easier. With its quick and easy transfer process and high levels of security when it comes to client data protection, PayPal is a first choice for many players here on

Using PayPal also means that the casino site will not be saving any important banking details within their server, but rather only PayPal will have this information, thus reducing the spread of card or banking details across the web. This helps to raise the level of comfort in players who are playing at these sites. The use of PayPal will also increase a player’s confidence in the PayPal casino itself, having been given the option to choose a secure payment method.

To check whether a casino offers PayPal, players can either look at the bottom of the home page to see if the PayPal logo is displayed there, or head to the withdrawals and deposits section, which will outline which payment methods can be used. It can take some time to find a PayPal casino, but the rewards in efficient and secure service are well worth the extra search time.

With so many online casinos also available on the go in the form of apps or mobile versions, the high compatibility of PayPal is a bonus. All features and transactions can be utilized on the go, complete with security checks, to make sure that the user is the correct one. This makes the whole experience even more appealing to the masses. Players should also note that PayPal has very strict policies when working with online casinos and will only be found at casinos that are licensed. The fact that a casino offers PayPal goes a long way in demonstrating that casino’s reputation and reliability.

Conclusion Conclusion

With such a wide range of features and options it is no wonder that PayPal is so widely used. It works in most countries around the world, and international transactions can be easily made. Multiple different currencies can be used in one account, and conversion into different currencies is also available. For some users, though, it should be noted that there are some countries in which PayPal is unavailable, and these include Cuba, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Iraq, to name a few.

The PayPal interface is completely user-friendly, with clear tabs for each action. There is also an excellent mobile app version that is compatible with all devices, allowing users to access their accounts from anywhere. This also allows for even more on the go money transactions. The ease of use is definitely one of their major selling points. Available at hundreds of different online vendors, users simply need to pay attention as to whether PayPal is accepted at the specific site that they are using.

This is particularly important when it comes to using it a casino site, as not all sites are casinos with PayPal on offer. Excellent coverage, user-friendly platforms and high levels of accessibility make this a globally favoured transaction method. If there is a downside, it is that their customer service is not always up to scratch. But this has improved dramatically through the years. Hopefully this will be one of the best transaction methods for online casino in the future.