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Do you want to play online casino with WebMoney as your payment method? At this page you can find a complete list of all the online casinos that offers this payment method.

WebMoney was founded in 1998 and they are owned by the Russian company WM Transfer Ltd. WebMoney users can make online payments. They can send and receive money, exchange currencies, get loans, raise funds, manage funds and carry out many other transactions online.

How does Deposits and Withdrawals work?

Anyone who wants to use WebMoney as their payment method needs to register an account. In order to register a new account you have to fill in some personal information like your e-mail, mobile phone number, password and a currency.

Subsequently the customer will receive a 12-digit WebMoney Identification number that is linked to your account. You can login to your account with this digit or with your email address or phone number.

If you want to make a deposit you have to have a registered WebMoney account with money on it. Just choose WebMoney as the preferred payment option at your casino. This payment method is under the category e-wallets at your online casino.

You have to login to your account at the online casino and choose how much money you want to deposit. Once you have verified your account the money will appear instantly at your casino site for UK players and now you can play all of your favourite online casino games.

WebMoney by default charges a service fee of 0.8% of all transactions that are made with the system. Not all casinos allow players to deposit money on your casino account with WebMoney. When you make a withdrawal with this method it usually takes a couple of days until you have the money on your account.

The system also issues virtual and plastic VISA and MasterCards. With these cards you can make payments online and in physical stores. For the purpose of this review, we will explain how the WebMoney e-wallet works.

Advantages with this Payment Method

  • Payments made with WebMoney are safe very safe due to the latest SSL technology and encryptions that are being used during a transaction
  • The WebMoney payments are completely anonymous so no information about the depositor is shared with the recipient of a transaction.
  • WebMoney deposits arrive instantly on your casino account and the deposit is therefore immediately ready to use for the player.
  • The WebMoney online casino banking option can also be used for withdrawing money.

Disadvantages with this Payment Method

  • The system charges quite high fees for most of its services.
  • A player needs to register and provide personal and financial information in order to be able to use the system
  • As WebMoney offers a wide range of different online financial services the system can at first sight appear to be a bit complicated.

WebMoney – Review and Conclusion

This is not a very common payment solution for online casino players. One big reason behind this is that this is a tricky payment solution to get started with. First you have to register an account which takes some time.

Secondly, this payment solution offers loads of different financial functionalities which can complicate things for you.

Another disadvantage with this payment method are the fees, and 0,8% might not sound so much but if you make a lot of transactions this will be an expensive method for you.

All in all, this is a safe and fast payment method that might be good for you. It is also quite expensive and complicated and there are better e-wallets available for you like Skrill or Neteller.

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