Entropay – Payment Method for Online Casinos

Do you want to play online casino with Entropay as your payment method? At this page, you can find a complete list of all the online casinos that offers this payment method. EntroPay is a popular payment method.

It is a “virtual bank card” and you can start using this method once you have registered an account. EntroPay is part of Visa and it is a simple option for those who want to make secure and fast payments on the internet.

How does Deposits and Withdrawals work?

The great advantage of using EntroPay is that it is so simple and easy to use while being an incredibly secure payment solution. You create a virtual VISA debit card, which means that you do not need to have a physical card.

You do not need to type in all the numbers and all data that normally takes long and unnecessary time. Almost all major casinos accept Entropay; LeoVegas, Mr Green and Kaboo are some examples of these casino sites.

If you deposit money at an online casino with EntroPay Virtual Visa it works exactly the same as with a normal visa card. On the payment page at the online casino, just choose Entropay as your preferred payment method.

A form will appear where you need to fill in some information, amount, name of the card holder, card number, CVC/CVV-code. After confirming all the details, the transaction will go through and the money will immediately appear on your casino account.

When you are withdrawing with EntroPay in an online casino it is just as easy as making a deposit. Visit the cash out page in the online casino and choose EntroPay as the withdrawal method. Fill in the amount that you want to withdraw and all other information required by the casino. It may take a couple of days until you have the money on your account.

Advantages with this Payment Method

  • You do not need a physical card.
  • It is a pre-paid card, which means you can’t spend more money than you have deposited into the account.
  • Very safe and convenient.
  • Anyone can use the card, regardless of credit history.
  • Instant and anonymous payments in all of the most commonly used currencies.
  • Lastly, an EntroPay Virtual Visa is very easy to obtain. Enter the EntroPay website, create an account and the Virtual Visa will be issued to you immediately.

Disadvantages with this Payment Method

  • You need to make a transfer from your current bank card to the virtual card, which may take some time.
  • A small fee is charged by EntroPay the deposit and withdrawal.
  • The biggest disadvantage with using EntroPay is that the fee is quite high. A fee of 4,95% is calculated to load the Virtual Visa with funds by a debit or credit card. A fee of 3,95% when the EntroPay account is funded by your personal bank account.
  • Also for withdrawals, a percentage of 1,95% is calculated.

Entropay Casino – Review and Conclusion

Contrary to what you might think, EntroPay account is not a bank account. It is not possible to set up direct debits or writing checks here. Still, as an owner of an Entropay account you have a virtual Visa card in order to complete your transactions.

EntroPay Visa card is available all around the world. You can use it at online casinos and online stores. You can deposit money into this account by using any type of payment card or even a credit card.

A small fee is charged for each amount, but the fees will stop there. You can only spend money that you have on your Entropay account. So, the first thing you need to do is to deposit money to Entropay.

To sign up for an EntroPay account is very easy and it costs nothing at all for you. The user must fill in some personal information and select an user name and a password. The site also requires that the applicant gives some additional data about their credit or debit card. When this data is verified by EntroPay, it is possible to use the account when you want.

Like all credit cards out there, EntroPay has a credit limit that cannot be exceeded. When an online purchase is made with this card, all of the transaction details can be viewed online within four working days. When used online, EntroPay virtual Visa card has all the same features as a normal credit card. You have to fill in your card number, name, expiry date and CVV-code.

All in all, this is a great payment method for online casino players. The best thing with it is that you don’t have to share any personal information with the casinos. You are completely anonymous, and you can’t spend money that you don’t have on your account. We really recommend this payment method to all of our players.

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