EcoPayz – Payment Method for Online Casinos

Do you want to play online casino with EcoPayz as your payment method? At this page you can find a complete list of all the online casinos that offers this payment method.

ecoPayz is basically an online “e-wallet” that is linked to an ecoAccount that you can open up on the ecoPayz website. This takes literally just only takes a couple of minutes after you have received an activation e-mail you will be able to use this payment method.

How does Deposits and Withdrawals work?

EcoPayz is a so-called “e-wallet”. As a user, you firstly need to register a free account with EcoPays where you fill in your details such as name, address and email as well as information on payment options.

When you are done with this, you can transfer the amount you wish to your EcoPayz account and can transfer money to/from account via credit card, debit card or bank transfer. When you want to put money into an online casino site, just select EcoPayz as your preferred payment method and fill in your personal security code.

The procedure to pay with ecoPayz in online casinos is very fast and simple. When you are depositing money to an online casino, just choose ecoPayz / ecoCard as your preferred payment method. Just enter the amount that you want to deposit and you will be redirected to the ecoPayz website. Subsequently follow the instructions to complete your payment with your ecoAccount.

Most online casinos don’t charge any fees at all for using EcoPayz as yout payment method and your funds are instantly transferred to your casino account. To be able to use the full range of possibilities at ecoPayz it is best to upgrade the ecoAccount to a “Silver” Account right from the beginning.

Just contact the ecoPayz customer support with additional identifying documentation such as a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill, certificate of residence, bank statement etc. This is a little bit tricky but well worth the effort.

With a Silver ecoAccount users can apply for a plastic ecoCard which is a great debit card issued by MasterCard and it is connected to the ecoAccount. With this card, you can make payments on the internet and also at physical points of sale that accepts MasterCard. You can also withdraw money with this card at ATM’s.

Advantages with this Payment Method

  • If you use a “e-wallet” the online casino will not be able to see your personal bank information, which many perceive as a safe measurement.
  • You can make payments through various currencies.
  • You do not need to fill in your details every time you make payments.
  • EcoPayz payments are completed instantly and your funds will immediately be transferred to your casino account.
  • The ecoPayz transactions are carried out with the most sophisticated banking safety standards and they are completely safe and secure.
  • EcoPayz payments are completely anonymous as no information about the depositor is disclosed to the casino.
  • Opening a free ecoAccount is extremely easy.
  • EcoPayz is accepted in a wide range of online casinos all around the world. It is available in over 30 countries.
  • EcoPayz can also be used to make withdrawals from your online casino account.

Disadvantages with this Payment Method

  • Not all online casinos use EcoPayz.
  • The charge is usually between 1.5% – 2.9%, which is relatively high compared to other methods.
  • For most of the features attached to its payment solutions ecoPayz charges the user a small.
  • This payment method is “only” available in 33 countries.
  • Some players might consider having to subscribe to the service as a disadvantage.

EcoPayz Casino – Review and Conclusion

Now you can deposit money to your ecoAccount and use it for depositing money to different online casinos. The ecoAccounts are divided into different levels of accounts. The levels are Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. The higher level the lower fees, there are also more features that you can use if you are on a higher level.

The advantage with a an online wallet is that you can put money in an account with your credit card and then pay at several different websites without having to provide any information about your credit card information again.

EcoPayz is a safe and secure payment method and you don’t have to disclose your personal bank details when you are making deposits or withdrawals.

A disadvantage is that not all casinos are offering this great payment method. However, if you use the EcoCard you will be able to deposit money through your card instead, which means that you can play on every online casino in the world.

All in all, this is a great payment method. It is very safe, fast and simple to use. We recommend all of our players to use this payment method when you are playing at casinos online.

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