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American Express is a major credit card, with some 112 million active users across the globe including personal and business accounts. Often shortened to Amex, it is the largest credit card provider in the world by transactions. It was founded in New York way back in 1850.

When it comes to online gambling and casinos, it can be difficult to know how to deposit and withdraw safely. Many casinos accepting Amex are amongst the most respected in the gambling world. Keep reading for an insight into why you might want to consider Amex casinos.

Online casinos that accept Amex are amongst the highest rated in the world. It is one of the most common payment forms accepted at larger casinos. This is no doubt in part thanks to the SafeKey service, a measure offering extra payment protection to all Amex customers

At this page you can find a complete list of all the online casino sites that offer this payment method. American Express is one of the largest card issuers in the whole world. It is also a very popular payment method at casinos online.

For us at Casinomir safety is everything and American Express is perhaps the safest card out there. One even better thing is that casinos usually doesn’t charge AMEX transactions.

Amex Casinos

One of the benefits of using Amex online casinos is the safety and security that comes with credit cards. Not only are Amex consumers granted use of the SafeKey – it is generally always a good idea to gamble with a credit card rather than a debit card.

This is because of the security measures that credit card users are naturally in receipt of. On the off chance that something goes wrong when using Amex casinos online, your bank can refund you a lot quicker and easier than if you were using a debit card.

  • Credit cards are ultimately safer
  • Amex is extra safe because of SafeKey

Amex Casinos not on Gamstop

We hope that you have found this article on the services offered by credit card giant American Express to be informative. Like with all payment methods, there are pros and cons, but it is ultimately down to the player and their own preferences.

Many UK casinos not listed on Gamstop are using AMEX as one of the available options. Credit Cards have been banned from most UKGC regulated casinos and that is why players look for options where they can pay and play casinos with their American Express Cards.

However, we’d say that American Express is definitely worth a bit of consideration when it comes to online casinos, especially in the UK. They are a world-renowned brand who offer exceptional safety measures for their customers. Do consider all your options before playing, though. Good luck!

Are there still casinos accepting AMEX?

Yes, there are still plenty of UK casinos accepting AMEX and other credit cards. Check our list for more.

Can I play online casino through AMEX deposits?

Yes, just use your card details and sign up with the real details.

What are the limits for AMEX Casinos?

Every site will display the maximum deposit and withdrawal limits for each payment option.

Casinos that Accept Amex

You may be unsure as to what online casinos accept Amex. If an online casino has any credibility, it will clearly display all of their payment methods for you to find and read without any effort. We thought we’d mention a few of them here.

Some of the best Amex casinos available to players in the UK are amongst the top-rated places to gamble. Amex casinos also tend to offer incredible bonuses for you to enjoy upon sign up. We’ll go into bonuses more later in this article.

The US vs the UK

The best Amex casinos available to players in the UK and the US offer incredible bonuses for you to enjoy upon signup. This is always something to look out for when choosing a casino. Good casinos should offer generous bonuses to welcome you to their gambling world.

Amex in the US

In the United States, the use of Amex in online casinos is rather limited. This is thanks to regulations passed in 2006; it is difficult for Americans to fund online gambling accounts with Amex. However, for UK customers, this does not seem to be the case.

Amex in the UK

Amex in the UK is a slightly different story. With a different jurisdiction applied when it comes to gambling, you can rest assured that using Amex cards in an online casino is much more widespread, with top sites using the famed payment method.

The British version of the Amex credit card is popular with users in the United States, too. This is unsurprising given the current restrictions in the US from US credit cards. By using the British Amex card in the US, American users can bypass the laws safely.

  • Amex is used on many popular sites
  • The British version can be used to bypass US laws

Payment Methods

While this article has so far championed the use of American Express credit cards for depositing and withdrawing funds, it could also be worth your while to consider other payment methods when signing up to any online casino. Read on to find out more.

Any good casino will offer a wide range of payment methods. The best will be able to offer e-wallets. An e-wallet is a virtual wallet which you can withdraw from and top up as you please, anonymously. Some examples are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Amex Casinos: Processing Fees

The only drawback to using e-wallets is the possible cost of doing so. Some e-wallets can charge hefty fees to use their withdrawal services, and of course, if you’re an American playing with a British card, it’s worth considering the transfer fees.

You have to weigh up what is right for you in this instance. This could vary from time to time but ultimately comes down to one thing. Are your winnings worth the comfort of your own security? Something to think about when signing up.

  • E-wallets are more secure
  • E-wallets can also incur fees

Conversion Fees on Amex Casinos

The other fee you might want to consider when using an e-wallet is that of the transfer fee. This is especially true for Americans using a British card. While you could enjoy the benefits of Amex, you could also be subject to conversion fees.

Is Amex better for you? Or is an e-wallet? The best thing to do in this situation is a little bit of maths work. Would you make a good enough profit on your winnings even after transfer, withdrawal, or conversion fees? Perhaps it’s worth waiting until you would.

American Express for Casinos

The track record of American Express precedes it. It clearly has a good reputation, as the most used credit card brand in the world. But with any sort of gambling, the payment decision should always be down to the individual and how they feel safest.

Bonuses and Signup Offers using Amex

Any good casino should offer generous bonuses to welcome you to their gambling world. This is something to remember when trying to choose an online casino. Even if they do accept Amex, why don’t they offer you a good incentive for signing up?

Other Big Names

It is a great sign when you see a brand associated with well-respected names. In the UK, American Express is accepted at a variety of big-name casinos, so this alone should give you the confidence to proceed with them as a payment method.

Check out some of the largest and most popular gambling and gaming providers in the UK, all of which should accept American Express. They also offer a range of other payment methods, as well as brilliant welcome bonuses and incentives, so they tick all of our boxes.

How do deposits and withdrawals work?

It is very easy to set up an account and to make your first deposit with AMEX if you already have an American Express card. The tricky thing is to get the card since they have perhaps the highest requirements of all cards. They have different types of card that have different requirements. The hardest card to get is the black card. You can’t apply for this card; American Express will contact you.

Using AMEX is very simple and easy, both for deposits and withdrawals. If you want to make a new deposit on your casino account, follow these six steps:

  1. Log in to your casino account.
  2. Locate the casinos deposit section.
  3. Choose AMEX as the payment method.
  4. Write in your card information which includes your card number, expiry date, your name and the card security code.
  5. Choose how much money that you want to deposit.
  6. If any casino bonus is applicable, put in the correct bonus code and then submit.

If you have the AMEX app you can make deposits directly on your smartphone. Once you have made your first deposit it is very easy to make further deposits. Even if you make regular deposits AMEX won’t charge you for that which makes them quite unique. All the casinos at this page has American Express as a payment method. Once you have a registered casino account it will only take a couple of minutes to deposit money to your account and to get started. What’s not to love about that?

In addition to this the deposits and withdrawals are very quick and easy. However, this is not a common payment solution for online casinos so there aren’t so many casinos that can provide payments with AMEX. At this page, you will see a complete list over all the best online casinos that supports American Express.


  • AMEX gives you the best security and protection of your financial information.
  • You will have easy and swift transactions at the best online casino sites.
  • Excellent options for mobile payments on your smartphone.
  • Usually no transaction fees at all.


  • American Express doesn’t give out their cards to everyone, you need to meet their requirements.
  • Some AMEX cards have a high annual fee.


The primary reason for using your American Express when you are playing online casino is because it is a very trusted form of payment that has a great reputation all over the world. When you are betting or playing slots online AMEX will make it easier, safer and cheaper for you.

In addition to this, American Express is well-known for their outstanding reward-program. You will be winning from all sides when you are using this payment method. Deposits and withdrawals are both very quick and you will also get bonus points each time that you can trade for great rewards.

The deposit and withdrawal times are both very impressing here. If you are a high roller you can also enjoy larger deposit limits which other payment methods lack. Not many online casinos offer this payment method however.

The casinos that have AMEX are usually very good, you can find a complete list at this page. Having the opportunity to increase your online casino limits is a great advantage. The more you play, the greater will the rewards from American Express be, win-win.

With AMEX you can deposit money very quickly and play all of your favorite casino games. The only disadvantage with this payment methods is the fact that it could be hard to get an American Express card. You have to apply for the card and meet AMEX high requirements in order to get it. Once you have received the card the annual fee for using it usually is a lot higher than it is on other cards.

Last but not least, this card is a perfect payment solution for mobile casino players. Once you have the AMEX app on your smartphone, it only takes a minute to make your first deposit at an online casino. All in all, this is a great payment method with low costs and super-high security.

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