Pay by Phone on UK Casino Sites 2023

Online casino games are a lot of fun, and there are thousands of people playing them each and every day. After all, the allure of extra money is something that really speaks to a worldwide audience, not to mention the pure excitement that these games can bring.

With the increase of interest in casino games, pay by phone casino sites has also become more prevalent. Nowadays, with new competition entering the fray all the time, more and more casinos will allow you to pay with just about every payment method under the sun.

Playing in casinos has been a popular pastime for millions of people for several hundred years. As with everything else in life, with the coming of the internet, gambling has moved online or gone virtual in one form or another – and has been doing so since the 1990s. It should come as no surprise that players now use their phones to play at online casinos.

Mobile phones have come a long way since their pager form a little more than two decades ago. From the basics of texting and making a phone call, they can now be used to search and shop online, watch videos, and even play casino games on the go. For keen gamblers, it is now also possible to enjoy the pay by phone bill casino. Read on to find out more.

  • Play casino games on your mobile
  • Pay by phone for speed and convenience

Pay by phone casino UK is simply a British casino that allows users to deposit funds using the network provider of their mobile phone. It often involves no more than a simple set up with the network provider, usually via an SMS text message. Any changes will then be applied to the phone bill. This can be an extremely easy option, especially if payment is usually made by direct debit

Thus, even pay by phone casinos seem to be all over the UK, and we are going to tell you all about it!

Why Pay Casino with a Phone Bill?

phone bill casino

As all of you know, we are living in an era with very modern technology. Older civilisations, and even we 20 years ago could have never imagined how life would be like in 2020. Computers, laptops and video games alike are completely different from those of the 1990s.

What is even more impressive, though, is the fact that all of us are now carrying with us smartphones with all the bells and whistles.

Mobile games? Check. Egg timer? Check. Calendar? Check. Calculator? Check. Pay by phone bill mobile casinos? Check, check, check!

Because of the popularity of mobile phones, it is only natural to want to play—as well as pay—our casino fun with our mobile phones. But, there are also other reasons as to why pay by phone bill casinos are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few key factors about these casinos:

  • Designed from the ground-up to accommodate smartphones
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Trustworthy and modern
  • Easy to pay on-the-go

The evolution have made the mobile phones the most user friendly device the humans are using – that we now can pay casinos on mobile is a natural step.

With pay by phone bill online casinos, you can pay quickly without the need to have all of your banking details and other information with you at all times.

Paying like this is as easy as it is straightforward. And, as an added bonus, you do not even need to have the money on your account at the time of playing, which could be nice if you know that there is a big paycheck coming your way in a few days.

The important things here would be to never play with money that you do not have or cannot afford to lose. If you are struggling with these issues and more specifically gambling addiction, please try not to gamble with pay by phone bill casinos either.

Different Types of Pay by Phone Casinos

When talking about pay by phone casinos, we are actually talking about casinos that are pretty much cut from the same cloth when it comes to how they work. In essence, all of these online casino sites abide by the same set of rules set by the UK Gambling Commission. One of the most important things to know would be that there are certain restrictions in place on casino games paid by phone bill. More often than not, you are only allowed to deposit up to £30 per day when paying with your mobile phone.

The reason why there are usually deposit restrictions associated with casino games paid by phone credit is the fact that paying with your phone bill is essentially the same as taking a loan. In other words, you are playing with your mobile operator’s money, which you will later need to pay back. There is nothing too unnerving about this, however, as mobile phone usage always works like this—be it with your internet use, phone calls, or your online gambling.

There are, of course, some differences between different phone casinos as well. For instance, not all of them will have the same number of games, promotions, and, well, deposit methods.

Looking for a Pay by Phone Casino which is not Boku?

If you have used pay by phone casinos before, you have probably run into Boku already. After all, Boku is the UK’s number one mobile payment company. Boku is not, however, the only payment company that deals with mobile transactions in the UK.

pay by phone which is not boku

Before we get into the other payment methods, let us take a look at how mobile payment companies (as well as other payment companies) actually operate.

Online casinos essentially make deals with payment companies (Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Boku, Siru Mobile, etc.) and these companies then act as the middle-man between the player and the casino. The casinos always forward your deposit requests to these other companies in a very secure and safe manner, allowing you to enter your details and to come back to the casino to play with your very own money.

Now, if you are looking for a pay by phone casino that is not a Boku casino, you can also try ones with companies such as Fonix, Payforit, or SIRU Mobile. All of these work in about the same way and are, again, extremely safe and secure for you to use.

Are there casinos accepting Pay by Phone?

Yes, there are plenty of casinos who offer this option to UK players

Where can I find these sites?

Check our list that have several options of online casinos with Pay by Phone that is not Boku

Are there mobile casinos where you can Pay by Phone?

Yes, today all sites have a mobile option, so just check the payment options available on the site.

More and More can be Paid with a Mobile Phone

We have now gone through just about all the things that you would need to when playing with any pay by phone online casino. In our mind, however, the most important takeaway from this article should be that pay by phone casinos are indeed very safe to use.

Despite the flack that online casinos and gambling as a whole sometimes get from people not in the know, only few companies in the world put as much importance on the safety of money transactions as online casinos do. Being that this is a multi-million-pound business, the people in charge of licensed online casinos definitely have both the resources and the willingness to make their casinos famous for their adherence to fair play and secure gambling.

Pay by mobile phone casinos are on the rise, and will probably continue to be for a long time to come. It is now the age of mobile technology and online casinos are continuing as the true trailblazers of the world.

Why use Pay By Phone Casinos?

Payment methods are very important for many forms of online activity, not least online gambling. Players want a safe, secure and convenient method to pay for their gaming. While Boku has been offering a pay by phone bill service for years, it is no longer the only option. In this guide, we’ll look at pay by phone casinos that offer Boku as well as pay by phone casino not Boku.

While paying by phone offers players a speedy service, it’s important that each player decides whether this payment method for casino playing is right for them. This is where we come in. We will take a look at the pros and cons of pay by phone casinos, checking out important facets like safey and security, payment limits, fees and more to ensure that we only recommend the best to our readers.

• Boku is a well established pay by phone service.

• Other phone providers also offer the pay by phone facility.

Pros of Paying by Phone

One of the biggest pros of paying by phone is that there’s no need to think about making any sort of manual payment. Assuming players have a phone contract with extra charges enabled, any amount that is spent at an online casino via phone is simply added onto the bill. This is then deducted from a player’s bank account whenever the normal payment is due.

This is a great idea if a player lacks confidence in manually entering sensitive information, such as credit or debit card details, into an online server. This method also means that a player’s bank details are not revealed to the casino, which can be seen as an important safety aspect. It’s also good to note that most casinos allow bonus redemptions via the pay-by-phone method, but always check the T&Cs.

Important things to remember

While it is very convenient and secure for a player to make a deposit by phone, it is important to remember that withdrawals via phone are not possible, so players must find an alternative. This could be an eWallet such as Skrill or Neteller – which might incur a fee – or via debit card or direct bank transfer, although this removes the anonymity of paying by phone.

Too convenient?

We have all heard the horror stories of in-app purchases going awry and account owners being surprised at their massive phone bill after playing a surprisingly addictive game. This could easily happen to casino games players if they are not careful. Paying by phone could be a little too convenient and could easily result in running up a phone bill that is much higher than expected.


Most casinos connected to pay by phone are with a UKGC license but there are other options for players signed up through Gamstop, including pay by phone sites. Also Betting Sites not on Gamstop offer players the same option. This is not something recommended from a responsible gaming point of view, but players are able to make the decision.

Choosing the Right Casino

With many casinos now allowing deposits via pay by phone, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in. We look at a range of features for each site in order to be able to recommend only the best to our readers. One crucial feature is whether the casino is properly licenced. All casinos operating in the UK should be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

The UKGC is one of the world’s strictest jurisdictions, meaning any casino it licences must adhere to strict rules, especially regarding gaming fairness, in order to operate. Players should also look for the padlock sign in the casino’s URL, notifying them that SSL encryption is in place to ensure end to end security of player’s data. Good customer service is a must for speedy resolution of queries and any player issues.

• Check the casino’s licence

• Make sure SSL encryption is being used

• Good customer service options are important

Credit/Debit card vs Paying By Phone

A traditionalist may wish to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos by using a trusty credit card – or debit card. But with the UK Gambling Commission’s recent decision to ban the use of credit cards at casinos, this has changed and players will have to consider an alternative method of payment. Paying by phone can be as secure – if not more secure – than using a credit card.

It may have seemed appropriate to use credit cards because of the ease of reversing any fraudulent charges, which is infinitely more difficult if a player falls victim when using a debit card. However, when players use any of the pay-by-phone providers, they are not required to enter any personal details at the casino, thus minimising any risk of falling victim to fraud in the first place.

Pay By Phone Casinos: Anonymity

For players wanting to remain as anonymous as possible when playing casino games online, choosing to play at a pay-by-phone casino is a good start. There is no need to associate a bank account directly with your casino account. Instead, the bank details are only linked to the phone contract with the phone provider essentially acting as a firewall between a player’s details and the casino’s website.

However, players at pay by phone casinos in the UK will still need to create a casino account and verify that they are over the age of 18. This means that a limited amount of personal information will still have to be shared with the casino, but financial information will not be required. Players will also need to have a SIM card that is registered for use in the UK.

• Make sure you have a UK SIM card

• Be ready to provide proof of age

• No sensitive financial information needs to be shared with the casino

How to pay by phone

Once a new player has set up a casino account and age has been verified, for most reputable sites, it couldn’t be easier to pay by phone. Players simply need to head to the casino’s deposits page. Next, players will need to select the pay by phone option, find the correct brand or payment provider for their particular phone and enter their phone number.

The next step is to specify the deposit amount and click to confirm. An SMS text message of confirmation will be sent. This will contain a unique verification code, which must be entered onto the casino’s website. The casino account will now be linked to that phone number and the deposit amount will be processed. This is usually instantaneous so players can start playing right away.

Confirmations and Control

Pay by phone payment should be confirmed more or less immediately by an SMS text message. Players should not be concerned if it does not come through immediately – there could be a delay on the system for example – but it should arrive within a few minutes. If no SMS text confirmation arrives, players should question whether their chosen casino is as safe or secure as first thought.

Maximum deposits

Most companies that allow players to deposit using mobile pay options also set a limit on the maximum amount that can be deposited each day. This reduces the chances of accidentally overspending on the phone bill, and allows players to keep better control of their gaming. These deposit amounts are often kept relatively low and are usually somewhere between £10 and £30 per day.

Pay by Phone: Options and fees

Boku is one of the biggest providers of pay by phone facilities. But there are others, such as Payforit, Zimpler and EcoPayz. Only the last one is available as an app on Apple and Google Play, but all major mobile phone networks in the UK now offer a pay by phone service, so in many cases players need look no further than their phone provider.

The good news is that when a player chooses to play at online casinos offering pay-by-phone as a deposit option, they shouldn’t be subject to any service fees. Furthermore, players using pay-by-phone are usually eligible to claim bonus offers, especially the welcome bonus for new players. This is often not the case when depositing using eWallets such as Skrill. Check out our list of recommended pay-by-phone casinos to compare offers.

Pay By Phone Casinos: Final Thoughts

Paying by mobile for online goods and services is becoming commonplace. Online casinos are getting in on the act by offering players the chance to deposit into their casino accounts using pay-by-phone payment options. These are swift, safe, secure and anonymous, as no bank account or other financial information is given to the casino. Players simply provide their phone number and deposits are charged to the monthly phone bill.

Low caps on daily deposit amounts allow players to remain in control of their spending, but, as a result, paying by phone may not be the right choice for everyone. Deposits are usually instantaneous, fee-free and eligible for bonus offers, but currently it’s not possible to withdraw any winnings using pay by phone options. Check out our list of recommended pay by phone casinos to find the right one for you.

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