Castle Builder 2 from Amatic Slot Review

We have a complete list over all the best online casinos. In spring, we have a great game news to look forward to, namely: Castle Builder 2. If you missed the first game, Castle Builder, we have to say something hard - then you've really missed something! When that game came out 2013, it won the "EGR Game of the Year" and the game became quite crazy because the whole idea was unique. Castle Builder connects to social networks - something that certainly feels quite right in time. Now it is 2017 and a lot has happened.

We can say that Castle Builder 2, which will be launched on April 5 this year, looks even better and seems amazingly awesome. In this game you will, among other things, choose three characters, each of which has a very own story in the game. Now, we will not tell you much before the review has started, hang on if you want to know more about one of the most grimest games of the year!

Theme and Graphics

Find a complete list over UK casino bonuses here. Let's start with what may be one of the most interesting things to know. Can I play Castle Builder 2 with a casino bonus? Yes, you will be able to do that! You can pick up a Castle Builder 2 with basically all casinos that offer Microgaming games and that's a mass of heaven! We therefore thought it would be a little bit easier for you, by giving you three casinos below, all of which will offer Castle Builder 2 the day the game is launched. Good, is not it! If you feel that you do not have a chance at casino bonuses then we recommend that you read our guide on the subject: Casino Bonuses.

You will notice quite a bit that Castle Builder 2 is not really a classic slot machine. In a regular slot, it's usually about getting up to three bonus symbols to trigger the interactive bonus track or the little bonus game, but it's not that simple here. For example, in the first game, it is important to build clear castles to advance in the game, thus triggering the various functions of the game. Exactly how it will look and go to Castle Builder 2, we can not fully announce because we guess the game will surely be similar to Castle Builder 1, but still differ on some points.

Gameplay and Symbols

Free spins, you will be guaranteed to be able to get into the game. But like above, here's not about getting three classic scatter symbols to trigger x number of free spins. Be prepared to collect trophies or other objects instead of finishing different worlds before spinning starts. Surely it sounds exciting?

Mobile Slot

You will definitely be able to play Castle Builder 2 on your mobile or tablet. Today, it's not possible to create new games and then not offer them on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. The mobile has come to be the best friend of the human being (sorry dovven!) And today we have them everywhere. Of course, the gaming companies have taken a look at this and therefore you can expect that new games can almost always be played even in smaller formats.

Betting Options and Payout

We have not yet got a lot of info to go on with Castle Builder 2. All we have is a small press release from Microgaming and the "old" version of the game to go on. But what we can see is that Castle Builder 2 does not really resemble any other slot. Just like the original game, Castle Builder 2, which is also the name of the game, is about to build a castle. You will collect minerals and materials by getting different symbols on the playing field.

This will allow you to build more different types of castles and take you to new levels and yes - win more money! In Castle Builder 2 there are 15 different kingdoms, 75 different castles and more than 300 different characters! Does it sound awkward and overwhelming? Completely understandable.

Slot Review

Castle Builder 2 contains no classic progressive jackpot. Are you excited to try out such a game before playing Castle Builder 2, there's always time in the world. Some classic titles that are constantly popular include Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams and Divine Fortune. The latter is a relatively new slot from NetEnt that is already superpopular. You can find all of these jackpot games at:

Feel free to enter these three amazing games that all offer a gaming experience beyond the usual. It's all games that may seem a bit difficult and complicated at first, but once you've overcome that barrier, you might love them as much as we do. Play the games for free first and feel them in this way. Also read our reviews to get as much info as possible about the game's layout! You can find them under Slots & game developers in the menu!