Online Roulette UK 2019

Online Roulette is one of the easiest games to get into. All the major casino operators initially offer free games for play money so you can get used to the software and its functions. Otherwise, the procedure for getting started with online roulette is very simple. 

Today, you can play directly on the online casino website without any downloads or installations of software. A registration with username, password and personal information is required if you want to play for real money. Almost all online casino offers a welcome bonus when you sign up the first time. 

Here on Casinomir you will a great guide to play roulette online. Together with tips and strategies you will get the best promotions and bonuses. Get started playing this fun table game today and have fun at the same time!

Play Free Roulette Online

The most ingenious games are easy to understand within minutes. They are also complicated to master in a lifetime. So that leaves us with a regularly asked question: How to win at Roulette online? It is not surprising that one of mathematics history's most prominent thinkers are said to be behind an early version of the game which was introduced back in the 1600s. 

Roulette means little wheel, according to the French dictionary. The game has since its foundation made its way through the medieval court. Back then, it was played by the nobility. Today it is played in casinos on all continents and now also on the Internet, where online roulette is one of the most popular games that attract players worldwide.

The game with its rolling wheels, spinning, bouncing ball and exciting game plan gives both beginners and experienced players an equal chance to win. There are most likely some of the main reasons to why it grew so quickly in popularity. Today it is featured at just any casino, land based as well as online. You will find a strategy guide further down on this page, which will provide with the best tools to beat the roulette table online.

Roulette Tips and Guide to Play Online

When you start to play roulette online you will soon notice that there are several different variations of the game. The basic version works the same way but small details may be different. You can usually pick between the versions in the casino lobby. Most online casino websites will offer you a number of options. 

One of the simplest roulette tips is that in Europe, hits on the right number pays 30 times the money. In international roulette and casinos in Reno example, it is giving 35 times the bet. When we are online playing with the software it is not uncommon to find 15-20 different roulette tables at the same online casino. Find one that you like and stick with it! 

Another great roulette tips are that the green zero is often forgotten. Admittedly, the chances that the ball hits it is as big as the other number. However, this strategy has been believed somewhat of outside of the box. Go to Wikipedia to find an even more thorough guide to the game.

Play Live Roulette Online

Playing at a real table you can put your hands on located inside of a real-life casino situated in Las Vegas or Macau, beats the software online most of the time. And the software will never in our lifetime be able to fully reproduce the feeling of walking into a real casino with all its atmosphere and activities. 

But with live roulette online, it takes a step closer to give you a similar experience via webcam. You can simply play at a table where a real croupier in real time is managing the table. One can sit in the UK and play on a table that is physically situated in the Caribbean. This will give you a higher sense of presence compared to roulette guided by pure software. 

The controls are really the same when you play live roulette as when playing regular roulette online. The bets are made through the buttons and are put virtually. The ball is spun by the croupier on a real table. You can then follow it through the camera and the microphone. You can find all the casinos available for live casino here on Casinomir and get started today.

The Best Roulette Strategies Online

A large rotating disk with 37 compartments, one each for the numbers 1 to 36 represent the random number generator. The figures are not positioned in numerical order and placed alternately red, alternating black since exactly half of them are either or. The last slot is reserved for the zero that is green. These are the foundations of roulette online as well as offline. 

A croupier is dealing the wheel where a ball sent off in the opposite direction of the wheel spins and the union it stops, it's winning number. The fact that the game is consisting of 36 numbers blended together with a zero is no coincidence. Already back in the 1600s someone calculated this with great accuracy. Roulette is a much more advanced and spectacular form of coin toss where the ball replaced the coin and some sort of roulette strategy is a must. 

Martingale is probably the most common and best roulette strategy. It is based on the bet amount in any one of assortments giving 1 times money, most common the on red or black. If you win, you will have the size of the bet doubled. If you lose, the Martingale strategy means that you will double the bet the next round. And, if you lose again you double the bet again until you win. This strategy is by some regarded as not-working nonsense and is said by all the true experts should be avoided.

Play Free Roulette and other Tables Games Online

Roulette online is an entertaining phenomenon that is here to stay. If you choose to play online, there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from that are all managed professionally under strict regulations. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. We have a few suggestions on what to look at. 

One suggestion is that the UK players must check if the casino has its license in UK or within the EU. If you do not wish to deposit real money during your first online gambling session, there are plenty of opportunities to play free online roulette. As we have mentioned before there are many online casinos out there today and the competition is tougher and fiercer than ever. If you prefer slots you can get started by playing free spins no deposit casino instead.

That is why you who are an online casino enthusiast can benefit from the competition by taking part of the generous welcome offers given by the casino. Many of them gives you the opportunity to try out free casino games, including slot machines, black jack and of course also roulette. If you are given free roulette money you can simply choose a type of game you prefer and put a real money bet to test your luck. Most of the time you get to keep your winnings, but make sure to read the terms of the offer first! 

On Casinomir you can view a full list of sites that gives you the chance to play free online roulette. Check it out to get started already today. Good luck!